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Pdf Export Search Does Ability Affect Alignment in Second Language Tutorial Dialogue?
[W18-5005]: Arabella Sinclair | Adam Lopez | C. G. Lucas | Dragan Gasevic

Pdf Export Search ‘Indicatements’ that character language models learn English morpho-syntactic units and regularities
[W18-5417]: Yova Kementchedjhieva | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Language Models Learn POS First
[W18-5438]: Naomi Saphra | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Explicitly modeling case improves neural dependency parsing
[W18-5447]: Clara Vania | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Attachment What do character-level models learn about morphology? The case of dependency parsing
[D18-1278]: Clara Vania | Andreas Grivas | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Weighted DAG Automata for Semantic Graphs
[J18-1005]: David Chiang | Frank Drewes | Daniel Gildea | Adam Lopez | Giorgio Satta

Pdf Export Search A Structured Syntax-Semantics Interface for English-AMR Alignment
[N18-1106]: Ida Szubert | Adam Lopez | Nathan Schneider


Pdf Export Search Parsing Graphs with Regular Graph Grammars
[S17-1024]: Sorcha Gilroy | Adam Lopez | Sebastian Maneth

Pdf Export Search Universal Dependencies to Logical Form with Negation Scope
[W17-1804]: Federico Fancellu | Siva Reddy | Adam Lopez | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search (Re)introducing Regular Graph Languages
[W17-3410]: Sorcha Gilroy | Adam Lopez | Sebastian Maneth | Pijus Simonaitis

Pdf Export Search Spoken Term Discovery for Language Documentation using Translations
[W17-4607]: Antonios Anastasopoulos | Sameer Bansal | David Chiang | Sharon Goldwater | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Detecting negation scope is easy, except when it isn’t
[E17-2010]: Federico Fancellu | Adam Lopez | Bonnie Webber | Hangfeng He

Pdf Export Search Towards speech-to-text translation without speech recognition
[E17-2076]: Sameer Bansal | Herman Kamper | Adam Lopez | Sharon Goldwater

Pdf Export Search Poster From Characters to Words to in Between: Do We Capture Morphology?
[P17-1184]: Clara Vania | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search A Generative Parser with a Discriminative Recognition Algorithm
[P17-2019]: Jianpeng Cheng | Adam Lopez | Mirella Lapata

Pdf Export Search UParse: the Edinburgh system for the CoNLL 2017 UD shared task
[K17-3010]: Clara Vania | Xingxing Zhang | Adam Lopez


Pdf Export Search Neural Networks For Negation Scope Detection
[P16-1047]: Federico Fancellu | Adam Lopez | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search N-gram language models for massively parallel devices
[P16-1183]: Nikolay Bogoychev | Adam Lopez


Pdf Export Search A Maximum Entropy Classifier for Cross-Lingual Pronoun Prediction
[W15-2516]: Dominikus Wetzel | Adam Lopez | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Gappy Pattern Matching on GPUs for On-Demand Extraction of Hierarchical Translation Grammars
[Q15-1007]: Hua He | Jimmy Lin | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search AMRICA: an AMR Inspector for Cross-language Alignments
[N15-3008]: Naomi Saphra | Adam Lopez


Pdf Export Search Learning to translate with products of novices: a suite of open-ended challenge problems for teaching MT
[Q13-1014]: Adam Lopez | Matt Post | Chris Callison-Burch | Jonathan Weese | Juri Ganitkevitch | Narges Ahmidi | Olivia Buzek | Leah Hanson | Beaniesh Jamil | Matthias Lee | Ya-Ting Lin | Henry Pao | Fatima Rivera | Leili Shahriyari | Debu Sinha | Adam Teichert | Stephen Wampler | Michael Weinberger | Daguang Xu | Lin Yang | Shang Zhao

Pdf Export Search Massively Parallel Suffix Array Queries and On-Demand Phrase Extraction for Statistical Machine Translation Using GPUs
[N13-1033]: Hua He | Jimmy Lin | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Dirt Cheap Web-Scale Parallel Text from the Common Crawl
[P13-1135]: Jason R. Smith | Herve Saint-Amand | Magdalena Plamada | Philipp Koehn | Chris Callison-Burch | Adam Lopez


Pdf Export Search Putting Human Assessments of Machine Translation Systems in Order
[W12-3101]: Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Using Categorial Grammar to Label Translation Rules
[W12-3127]: Jonathan Weese | Chris Callison-Burch | Adam Lopez


Pdf Export Search Training a Log-Linear Parser with Loss Functions via Softmax-Margin
[D11-1031]: Michael Auli | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Loopy Belief Propagation and Dual Decomposition for Integrated CCG Supertagging and Parsing
[P11-1048]: Michael Auli | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Efficient CCG Parsing: A* versus Adaptive Supertagging
[P11-1158]: Michael Auli | Adam Lopez

Pdf Export Search Joshua 3.0: Syntax-based Machine Translation with the Thrax Grammar Extractor
[W11-2160]: Jonathan Weese | Juri Ganitkevitch | Chris Callison-Burch | Matt Post | Adam Lopez


Pdf Export Search cdec: A Decoder, Alignment, and Learning Framework for Finite-State and Context-Free Translation Models
[P10-4002]: Chris Dyer | Adam Lopez | Juri Ganitkevitch | Jonathan Weese | Ferhan Ture | Phil Blunsom | Hendra Setiawan | Vladimir Eidelman | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 4th Workshop on Cross Lingual Information Access
[W10-4000]: Sudeshna Sarkar | Min Zhang | Adam Lopez | Raghavendra Udupa


Pdf Export Search A Systematic Analysis of Translation Model Search Spaces
[W09-0437]: Michael Auli | Adam Lopez | Hieu Hoang | Philipp Koehn

Pdf Export Search Monte Carlo inference and maximization for phrase-based translation
[W09-1114]: Abhishek Arun | Chris Dyer | Barry Haddow | Phil Blunsom | Adam Lopez | Philipp Koehn

Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Translation as Weighted Deduction
[E09-1061]: Adam Lopez


Pdf Export Search Tera-Scale Translation Models via Pattern Matching
[C08-1064]: Adam Lopez


Pdf Export Search Hierarchical Phrase-Based Translation with Suffix Arrays
[D07-1104]: Adam Lopez


Pdf Export Search Improved HMM Alignment Models for Languages with Scarce Resources
[W05-0812]: Adam Lopez | Philip Resnik

Pdf Export Search The Hiero Machine Translation System: Extensions, Evaluation, and Analysis
[H05-1098]: David Chiang | Adam Lopez | Nitin Madnani | Christof Monz | Philip Resnik | Michael Subotin

Pdf Export Search Pattern Visualization for Machine Translation Output
[H05-2007]: Adam Lopez | Philip Resnik