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Pdf Export Search Using Wikipedia Edits in Low Resource Grammatical Error Correction
[W18-6111]: Adriane Boyd

Pdf Export Search Normalization in Context: Inter-Annotator Agreement for Meaning-Based Target Hypothesis Annotation
[W18-7102]: Adriane Boyd


Pdf Export Search The MERLIN corpus: Learner language and the CEFR
[L14-1488]: Adriane Boyd | Jirka Hana | Lionel Nicolas | Detmar Meurers | Katrin Wisniewski | Andrea Abel | Karin Schöne | Barbora Štindlová | Chiara Vettori


Pdf Export Search Informing Determiner and Preposition Error Correction with Hierarchical Word Clustering
[W12-2024]: Adriane Boyd | Marion Zepf | Detmar Meurers


Pdf Export Search Data-Driven Correction of FunctionWords in Non-Native English
[W11-2844]: Adriane Boyd | Detmar Meurers


Pdf Export Search EAGLE: an Error-Annotated Corpus of Beginning Learner German
[L10-1560]: Adriane Boyd

Pdf Export Search Enhancing Authentic Web Pages for Language Learners
[W10-1002]: Detmar Meurers | Ramon Ziai | Luiz Amaral | Adriane Boyd | Aleksandar Dimitrov | Vanessa Metcalf | Niels Ott

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Student Research Workshop
[N10-3000]: Julia Hockenmaier | Diane Litman | Adriane Boyd | Mahesh Joshi | Frank Rudzicz


Pdf Export Search Pronunciation Modeling in Spelling Correction for Writers of English as a Foreign Language
[N09-3006]: Adriane Boyd


Pdf Export Search Revisiting the Impact of Different Annotation Schemes on PCFG Parsing: A Grammatical Dependency Evaluation
[W08-1004]: Adriane Boyd | Detmar Meurers


Pdf Export Search Discontinuity Revisited: An Improved Conversion to Context-Free Representations
[W07-1506]: Adriane Boyd


Pdf Export Search Identifying Non-Referential it: A Machine Learning Approach Incorporating Linguistically Motivated Patterns
[W05-0406]: Adriane Boyd | Whitney Gegg-Harrison | Donna Byron