Pdf Export Search Keep Your Bearings: Lightly-Supervised Information Extraction with Ladder Networks That Avoids Semantic Drift
[N18-2057]: Ajay Nagesh | Mihai Surdeanu

Pdf Export Search Grounding Gradable Adjectives through Crowdsourcing
[L18-1529]: Rebecca Sharp | Mithun Paul | Ajay Nagesh | Dane Bell | Mihai Surdeanu

Pdf Export Search An Exploration of Three Lightly-supervised Representation Learning Approaches for Named Entity Classification
[C18-1196]: Ajay Nagesh | Mihai Surdeanu

Pdf Export Search Attachment Visual Supervision in Bootstrapped Information Extraction
[D18-1229]: Matthew Berger | Ajay Nagesh | Joshua Levine | Mihai Surdeanu | Helen Zhang


Pdf Export Search Call for Discussion: Building a New Standard Dataset for Relation Extraction Tasks
[W16-1317]: Teresa Martin | Fiete Botschen | Ajay Nagesh | Andrew McCallum

Pdf Export Search Wisdom of Students: A Consistent Automatic Short Answer Grading Technique
[W16-6324]: Shourya Roy | Sandipan Dandapat | Ajay Nagesh | Narahari Y.


Pdf Export Search Optimizing Multivariate Performance Measures for Learning Relation Extraction Models
[N15-1090]: Gholamreza Haffari | Ajay Nagesh | Ganesh Ramakrishnan

Pdf Export Search Exploring Relational Features and Learning under Distant Supervision for Information Extraction Tasks
[N15-2006]: Ajay Nagesh


Pdf Export Search Noisy Or-based model for Relation Extraction using Distant Supervision
[D14-1208]: Ajay Nagesh | Gholamreza Haffari | Ganesh Ramakrishnan


Pdf Export Search Towards Efficient Named-Entity Rule Induction for Customizability
[D12-1012]: Ajay Nagesh | Ganesh Ramakrishnan | Laura Chiticariu | Rajasekar Krishnamurthy | Ankush Dharkar | Pushpak Bhattacharyya