Pdf Export Search Data Augmentation for Neural Online Chats Response Selection
[W18-5708]: Wenchao Du | Alan Black


Pdf Export Search Automatic Recognition of Conversational Strategies in the Service of a Socially-Aware Dialog System
[W16-3647]: Ran Zhao | Tanmay Sinha | Alan Black | Justine Cassell


Pdf Export Search Microblogs as Parallel Corpora
[P13-1018]: Wang Ling | Guang Xiang | Chris Dyer | Alan Black | Isabel Trancoso

Pdf Export Search Automatic Prediction of Friendship via Multi-model Dyadic Features
[W13-4007]: Zhou Yu | David Gerritsen | Amy Ogan | Alan Black | Justine Cassell

Pdf Export Search The Dialog State Tracking Challenge
[W13-4065]: Jason Williams | Antoine Raux | Deepak Ramachandran | Alan Black


Pdf Export Search Improving Relative-Entropy Pruning using Statistical Significance
[C12-2070]: Wang Ling | Nadi Tomeh | Guang Xiang | Isabel Trancoso | Alan Black

Pdf Export Search Text-To-Speech for Languages without an Orthography
[C12-2089]: Sukhada Palkar | Alan Black | Alok Parlikar

Pdf Export Search Entropy-based Pruning for Phrase-based Machine Translation
[D12-1088]: Wang Ling | João Graça | Isabel Trancoso | Alan Black

Pdf Export Search Practical Evaluation of Human and Synthesized Speech for Virtual Human Dialogue Systems
[L12-1318]: Kallirroi Georgila | Alan Black | Kenji Sagae | David Traum

Pdf Export Search NAACL-HLT Workshop on Future directions and needs in the Spoken Dialog Community: Tools and Data (SDCTD 2012)
[W12-1800]: Maxine Eskenazi | Alan Black | David Traum


Pdf Export Search Towards Improving the Naturalness of Social Conversations with Dialogue Systems
[W10-4318]: Matthew Marge | João Miranda | Alan Black | Alexander Rudnicky


Pdf Export Search Incremental Adaptation of Speech-to-Speech Translation
[N09-2038]: Nguyen Bach | Roger Hsiao | Matthias Eck | Paisarn Charoenpornsawat | Stephan Vogel | Tanja Schultz | Ian Lane | Alex Waibel | Alan Black

Pdf Export Search The Spoken Dialogue Challenge
[W09-3950]: Alan Black | Maxine Eskenazi


Pdf Export Search NineOneOne: Recognizing and Classifying Speech for Handling Minority Language Emergency Calls
[L08-1102]: Udhyakumar Nallasamy | Alan Black | Tanja Schultz | Robert Frederking

Pdf Export Search Speech Translation for Triage of Emergency Phonecalls in Minority Languages
[W08-1509]: Udhyakumar Nallasamy | Alan Black | Tanja Schultz | Robert Frederking | Jerry Weltman


[E87-1003]: Alan Black | Graeme Ritchie | Steve Pulman | Graham Russell