Pdf Export Search Determining Event Durations: Models and Error Analysis
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Pdf Export Search Illegal is not a Noun: Linguistic Form for Detection of Pejorative Nominalizations
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Pdf Export Search Modeling Communicative Purpose with Functional Style: Corpus and Features for German Genre and Register Analysis
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Pdf Export Search Using Shallow Syntactic Features to Measure Influences of L1 and Proficiency Level in EFL Writings
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Pdf Export Search Semantically Enriched Models for Modal Sense Classification
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Pdf Export Search Obtaining a Better Understanding of Distributional Models of German Derivational Morphology
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Pdf Export Search LQVSumm: A Corpus of Linguistic Quality Violations in Multi-Document Summarization
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Pdf Export Search Finding a Tradeoff between Accuracy and Rater's Workload in Grading Clustered Short Answers
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Pdf Export Search Automatic prediction of aspectual class of verbs in context
[P14-2085]: Annemarie Friedrich | Alexis Palmer

Pdf Export Search lex4all: A language-independent tool for building and evaluating pronunciation lexicons for small-vocabulary speech recognition
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Pdf Export Search SeedLing: Building and Using a Seed corpus for the Human Language Project
[W14-2211]: Guy Emerson | Liling Tan | Susanne Fertmann | Alexis Palmer | Michaela Regneri

Pdf Export Search Short-Term Projects, Long-Term Benefits: Four Student NLP Projects for Low-Resource Languages
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Pdf Export Search Paraphrase Detection for Short Answer Scoring
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Pdf Export Search Situation Entity Annotation
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Pdf Export Search Using the text to evaluate short answers for reading comprehension exercises
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Pdf Export Search Visualising Typological Relationships: Plotting WALS with Heat Maps
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Pdf Export Search Enhancing Active Learning for Semantic Role Labeling via Compressed Dependency Trees
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Pdf Export Search Bringing Active Learning to Life
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Pdf Export Search How well does active learning
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