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Pdf Export Search A Predictive Model for Notional Anaphora in English
[W18-0704]: Amir Zeldes

Pdf Export Search A Linked Coptic Dictionary Online
[W18-4502]: Frank Feder | Maxim Kupreyev | Emma Manning | Caroline T. Schroeder | Amir Zeldes

Pdf Export Search All Roads Lead to UD: Converting Stanford and Penn Parses to English Universal Dependencies with Multilayer Annotations
[W18-4918]: Siyao Peng | Amir Zeldes

Pdf Export Search A Characterwise Windowed Approach to Hebrew Morphological Segmentation
[W18-5811]: Amir Zeldes

Pdf Export Search The Coptic Universal Dependency Treebank
[W18-6022]: Amir Zeldes | Mitchell Abrams

Pdf Export Search A Deeper Look into Dependency-Based Word Embeddings
[N18-4006]: Sean MacAvaney | Amir Zeldes


Pdf Export Search A Distributional View of Discourse Encapsulation: Multifactorial Prediction of Coreference Density in RST
[W17-3603]: Amir Zeldes


Pdf Export Search When Annotation Schemes Change Rules Help: A Configurable Approach to Coreference Resolution beyond OntoNotes
[W16-0713]: Amir Zeldes | Shuo Zhang

Pdf Export Search Different Flavors of GUM: Evaluating Genre and Sentence Type Effects on Multilayer Corpus Annotation Quality
[W16-1709]: Amir Zeldes | Dan Simonson

Pdf Export Search An NLP Pipeline for Coptic
[W16-2119]: Amir Zeldes | Caroline T. Schroeder

Pdf Export Search rstWeb - A Browser-based Annotation Interface for Rhetorical Structure Theory and Discourse Relations
[N16-3001]: Amir Zeldes


Pdf Export Search Information Structure in African Languages: Corpora and Tools
[W09-0703]: Christian Chiarcos | Ines Fiedler | Mira Grubic | Andreas Haida | Katharina Hartmann | Julia Ritz | Anne Schwarz | Amir Zeldes | Malte Zimmermann

Pdf Export Search Quantifying Constructional Productivity with Unseen Slot Members
[W09-2007]: Amir Zeldes