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Pdf Export Search Grammatical structures for word-level sentiment detection
[N12-1085]: Asad Sayeed | Jordan Boyd-Graber | Bryan Rusk | Amy Weinberg


Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing syntactic relatedness judgements for opinion mining in the study of information technology adoption
[W11-1510]: Asad Sayeed | Bryan Rusk | Martin Petrov | Hieu Nguyen | Timothy Meyer | Amy Weinberg


Pdf Export Search "Expresses-an-opinion-about": using corpus statistics in an information extraction approach to opinion mining
[C10-2126]: Asad B. Sayeed | Hieu C. Nguyen | Timothy J. Meyer | Amy Weinberg

Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing the evaluation of a domain-adapted named entity recognition system
[N10-1051]: Asad B. Sayeed | Timothy J. Meyer | Hieu C. Nguyen | Olivia Buzek | Amy Weinberg


Pdf Export Search Adaptive Transformation-Based Learning for Improving Dictionary Tagging
[E06-1033]: Burcu Karagol-Ayan | David Doermann | Amy Weinberg

Pdf Export Search Morphology Induction from Limited Noisy Data Using Approximate String Matching
[W06-3208]: Burcu Karagol-Ayan | David Doermann | Amy Weinberg


Pdf Export Search Desparately Seeking Cebuano
[N03-2026]: Douglas W. Oard | David Doermann | Bonnie Dorr | Daqing He | Philip Resnik | Amy Weinberg | William Byrne | Sanjeev Khudanpur | David Yarowsky | Anton Leuski | Philipp Koehn | Kevin Knight


Pdf Export Search Evaluating Translational Correspondence using Annotation Projection
[P02-1050]: Rebecca Hwa | Philip Resnik | Amy Weinberg | Okan Kolak


Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Architectures and Mechanisms for Language Processing
[J00-4008]: Amy Weinberg

Pdf Export Search Telicity as a Cue to Temporaland Discourse Structure in Chinese-English Machine Translation
[W00-0205]: Mari Olsen | David Traum | Carol Van Ess-Dykema | Amy Weinberg | Ron Dolan