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Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Content Scoring
[W18-0550]: Andrea Horbach | Sebastian Stennmanns | Torsten Zesch

Pdf Export Search ESCRITO - An NLP-Enhanced Educational Scoring Toolkit
[L18-1365]: Torsten Zesch | Andrea Horbach

Pdf Export Search Semi-Supervised Clustering for Short Answer Scoring
[L18-1641]: Andrea Horbach | Manfred Pinkal


Pdf Export Search Investigating neural architectures for short answer scoring
[W17-5017]: Brian Riordan | Andrea Horbach | Aoife Cahill | Torsten Zesch | Chong Min Lee

Pdf Export Search Fine-grained essay scoring of a complex writing task for native speakers
[W17-5040]: Andrea Horbach | Dirk Scholten-Akoun | Yuning Ding | Torsten Zesch

Pdf Export Search The Influence of Spelling Errors on Content Scoring Performance
[W17-5908]: Andrea Horbach | Yuning Ding | Torsten Zesch


Pdf Export Search Investigating Active Learning for Short-Answer Scoring
[W16-0535]: Andrea Horbach | Alexis Palmer

Pdf Export Search UdS-(retrain|distributional|surface): Improving POS Tagging for OOV Words in German CMC and Web Data
[W16-2608]: Jakob Prange | Andrea Horbach | Stefan Thater


Pdf Export Search Using Shallow Syntactic Features to Measure Influences of L1 and Proficiency Level in EFL Writings
[W15-1903]: Andrea Horbach | Jonathan Poitz | Alexis Palmer

Pdf Export Search Annotating Entailment Relations for Shortanswer Questions
[W15-4408]: Simon Ostermann | Andrea Horbach | Manfred Pinkal


Pdf Export Search Finding a Tradeoff between Accuracy and Rater's Workload in Grading Clustered Short Answers
[L14-1680]: Andrea Horbach | Alexis Palmer | Magdalena Wolska

Pdf Export Search Paraphrase Detection for Short Answer Scoring
[W14-3505]: Nikolina Koleva | Andrea Horbach | Alexis Palmer | Simon Ostermann | Manfred Pinkal


Pdf Export Search Using the text to evaluate short answers for reading comprehension exercises
[S13-1041]: Andrea Horbach | Alexis Palmer | Manfred Pinkal