Pdf Export Search Introducing the CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Linguistic Diversity and Language Documentation
[L18-1370]: Hanna Hedeland | Timm Lehmberg | Felix Rau | Sophie Salffner | Mandana Seyfeddinipur | Andreas Witt

Pdf Export Search The German Reference Corpus DeReKo: New Developments – New Opportunities
[L18-1689]: Marc Kupietz | Harald Lüngen | Pawel Kamocki | Andreas Witt


Pdf Export Search Access control by query rewriting: the case of KorAP
[L14-1582]: Piotr Banski | Nils Diewald | Michael Hanl | Marc Kupietz | Andreas Witt


Pdf Export Search The New IDS Corpus Analysis Platform: Challenges and Prospects
[L12-1467]: Piotr Bański | Peter M. Fischer | Elena Frick | Erik Ketzan | Marc Kupietz | Carsten Schnober | Oliver Schonefeld | Andreas Witt


Pdf Export Search The German Reference Corpus DeReKo: A Primordial Sample for Linguistic Research
[L10-1285]: Marc Kupietz | Cyril Belica | Holger Keibel | Andreas Witt


Pdf Export Search Influence of Text Type and Text Length on Anaphoric Annotation
[L08-1330]: Daniela Goecke | Maik Stührenberg | Andreas Witt

Pdf Export Search The Metadata-Database of a Next Generation Sustainability Web-Platform for Language Resources
[L08-1419]: Georg Rehm | Oliver Schonefeld | Andreas Witt | Timm Lehmberg | Christian Chiarcos | Hanan Bechara | Florian Eishold | Kilian Evang | Magdalena Leshtanska | Aleksandar Savkov | Matthias Stark


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Workshop on Multilingual Language Resources and Interoperability
[W06-1000]: Andreas Witt | Gilles Sérasset | Susan Armstrong | Jim Breen | Ulrich Heid | Felix Sasaki

Pdf Export Search Multidimensional markup and heterogeneous linguistic resources
[W06-2715]: Maik Stührenberg | Andreas Witt | Daniela Goecke | Dieter Metzing | Oliver Schonefeld


Pdf Export Search Concept-based Queries: Combining and Reusing Linguistic Corpus Formats and Query Languages
[L04-1229]: Felix Sasaki | Andreas Witt | Dafydd Gibbon | Thorsten Trippel

Pdf Export Search Co-reference in Japanese Task-oriented Dialogues: A Contribution to the Development of Language-specific and Language-general Annotation Schemes and Resources
[L04-1230]: Felix Sasaki | Andreas Witt


Pdf Export Search Co-reference annotation and resources: A multilingual corpus of typologically diverse languages.
[L02-1035]: Felix Sasaki | Claudia Wegener | Andreas Witt | Dieter Metzing | Jens Pönninghaus


Pdf Export Search Enhancing Speech Corpus Resources with Multiple Lexical Tag Layers
[L00-1137]: Andreas Witt | Harald Lüngen | Dafydd Gibbon