Pdf Export Search Named Entity Recognition with Stack Residual LSTM and Trainable Bias Decoding
[I17-1057]: Quan Tran | Andrew MacKinlay | Antonio Jimeno Yepes


Pdf Export Search Syndromic Surveillance using Generic Medical Entities on Twitter
[U16-1004]: Pin Huang | Andrew MacKinlay | Antonio Jimeno Yepes

Pdf Export Search Temporal Modelling of Geospatial Words in Twitter
[U16-1015]: Bo Han | Antonio Jimeno Yepes | Andrew MacKinlay | Lianhua Chi

Pdf Export Search NER for Medical Entities in Twitter using Sequence to Sequence Neural Networks
[U16-1016]: Antonio Jimeno Yepes | Andrew MacKinlay


Pdf Export Search Investigating Public Health Surveillance using Twitter
[W15-3821]: Antonio Jimeno Yepes | Andrew MacKinlay | Bo Han


Pdf Export Search Deep Belief Networks and Biomedical Text Categorisation
[U14-1017]: Antonio Jimeno Yepes | Andrew MacKinlay | Justin Bedo | Rahil Garvani | Qiang Chen

Pdf Export Search Identifying Twitter Location Mentions
[U14-1023]: Bo Han | Antonio Jimeno Yepes | Andrew MacKinlay | Qiang Chen

Pdf Export Search Integrating UIMA with Alveo, a human communication science virtual laboratory
[W14-5202]: Dominique Estival | Steve Cassidy | Karin Verspoor | Andrew MacKinlay | Denis Burnham


Pdf Export Search How Noisy Social Media Text, How Diffrnt Social Media Sources?
[I13-1041]: Timothy Baldwin | Paul Cook | Marco Lui | Andrew MacKinlay | Li Wang

Pdf Export Search Extracting Biomedical Events and Modifications Using Subgraph Matching with Noisy Training Data
[W13-2005]: Andrew MacKinlay | David Martinez | Antonio Jimeno Yepes | Haibin Liu | W John Wilbur | Karin Verspoor

Pdf Export Search Generalizing an Approximate Subgraph Matching-based System to Extract Events in Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics
[W13-2010]: Haibin Liu | Karin Verspoor | Donald C. Comeau | Andrew MacKinlay | W John Wilbur


Pdf Export Search The Effects of Semantic Annotations on Precision Parse Ranking
[S12-1031]: Andrew MacKinlay | Rebecca Dridan | Diana McCarthy | Timothy Baldwin


Pdf Export Search Treeblazing: Using External Treebanks to Filter Parse Forests for Parse Selection and Treebanking
[I11-1028]: Andrew MacKinlay | Rebecca Dridan | Dan Flickinger | Stephan Oepen | Timothy Baldwin


Pdf Export Search Intelligent Linux Information Access by Data Mining: the ILIAD Project
[W10-0508]: Timothy Baldwin | David Martinez | Richard Penman | Su Nam Kim | Marco Lui | Li Wang | Andrew MacKinlay


Pdf Export Search Biomedical Event Annotation with CRFs and Precision Grammars
[W09-1410]: Andrew MacKinlay | David Martinez | Timothy Baldwin


Pdf Export Search POS Tagging with a More Informative Tagset
[U05-1008]: Andrew MacKinlay | Timothy Baldwin

Pdf Export Search Using Diverse Information Sources to Retrieve Samples of Low Density Languages
[U05-1011]: Andrew MacKinlay