Pdf Export Search Poster Note Unsupervised Semantic Frame Induction using Triclustering
[P18-2010]: Dmitry Ustalov | Alexander Panchenko | Andrey Kutuzov | Chris Biemann | Simone Paolo Ponzetto

Pdf Export Search Diachronic word embeddings and semantic shifts: a survey
[C18-1117]: Andrey Kutuzov | Lilja Øvrelid | Terrence Szymanski | Erik Velldal


Pdf Export Search Word vectors, reuse, and replicability: Towards a community repository of large-text resources
[W17-0237]: Murhaf Fares | Andrey Kutuzov | Stephan Oepen | Erik Velldal

Pdf Export Search Redefining Context Windows for Word Embedding Models: An Experimental Study
[W17-0239]: Pierre Lison | Andrey Kutuzov

Pdf Export Search Clustering of Russian Adjective-Noun Constructions using Word Embeddings
[W17-1402]: Andrey Kutuzov | Elizaveta Kuzmenko | Lidia Pivovarova

Pdf Export Search Poster Tracing armed conflicts with diachronic word embedding models
[W17-2705]: Andrey Kutuzov | Erik Velldal | Lilja Øvrelid

Pdf Export Search Universal Dependencies-based syntactic features in detecting human translation varieties
[W17-7606]: Maria Kunilovskaya | Andrey Kutuzov

Pdf Export Search Temporal dynamics of semantic relations in word embeddings: an application to predicting armed conflict participants
[D17-1194]: Andrey Kutuzov | Erik Velldal | Lilja Øvrelid

Pdf Export Search Building Web-Interfaces for Vector Semantic Models with the WebVectors Toolkit
[E17-3025]: Andrey Kutuzov | Elizaveta Kuzmenko


Pdf Export Search Exploration of register-dependent lexical semantics using word embeddings
[W16-4005]: Andrey Kutuzov | Elizaveta Kuzmenko | Anna Marakasova

Pdf Export Search Redefining part-of-speech classes with distributional semantic models
[K16-1012]: Andrey Kutuzov | Erik Velldal | Lilja Øvrelid


Pdf Export Search Semi-automated typical error annotation for learner English essays: integrating frameworks
[W15-1904]: Andrey Kutuzov | Elizaveta Kuzmenko


Pdf Export Search Russian Error-Annotated Learner English Corpus: a Tool for Computer-Assisted Language Learning
[W14-3507]: Elizaveta Kuzmenko | Andrey Kutuzov


Pdf Export Search Improving English-Russian sentence alignment through POS tagging and Damerau-Levenshtein distance
[W13-2410]: Andrey Kutuzov