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Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Evaluating Vector Space Representations for NLP
[W17-5300]: Samuel Bowman | Yoav Goldberg | Felix Hill | Angeliki Lazaridou | Omer Levy | Roi Reichart | Anders Søgaard

Pdf Export Search The RepEval 2017 Shared Task: Multi-Genre Natural Language Inference with Sentence Representations
[W17-5301]: Nikita Nangia | Adina Williams | Angeliki Lazaridou | Samuel Bowman


Pdf Export Search “Look, some Green Circles!”: Learning to Quantify from Images
[W16-3211]: Ionut Sorodoc | Angeliki Lazaridou | Gemma Boleda | Aurélie Herbelot | Sandro Pezzelle | Raffaella Bernardi

Pdf Export Search The LAMBADA dataset: Word prediction requiring a broad discourse context
[P16-1144]: Denis Paperno | Germán Kruszewski | Angeliki Lazaridou | Ngoc Quan Pham | Raffaella Bernardi | Sandro Pezzelle | Marco Baroni | Gemma Boleda | Raquel Fernandez

Pdf Export Search The red one!: On learning to refer to things based on discriminative properties
[P16-2035]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Nghia The Pham | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Multimodal Semantic Learning from Child-Directed Input
[N16-1043]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Grzegorz Chrupała | Raquel Fernández | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the NAACL Student Research Workshop
[N16-2000]: Jacob Andreas | Eunsol Choi | Angeliki Lazaridou


Pdf Export Search Do Distributed Semantic Models Dream of Electric Sheep? Visualizing Word Representations through Image Synthesis
[W15-2813]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Dat Tien Nguyen | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Jointly optimizing word representations for lexical and sentential tasks with the C-PHRASE model
[P15-1094]: Nghia The Pham | Germán Kruszewski | Angeliki Lazaridou | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search A Multitask Objective to Inject Lexical Contrast into Distributional Semantics
[P15-2004]: Nghia The Pham | Angeliki Lazaridou | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search From Visual Attributes to Adjectives through Decompositional Distributional Semantics
[Q15-1014]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Georgiana Dinu | Adam Liska | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Combining Language and Vision with a Multimodal Skip-gram Model
[N15-1016]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Nghia The Pham | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Hubness and Pollution: Delving into Cross-Space Mapping for Zero-Shot Learning
[P15-1027]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Georgiana Dinu | Marco Baroni


Pdf Export Search Cross-Language Authorship Attribution
[L14-1167]: Dasha Bogdanova | Angeliki Lazaridou

Pdf Export Search Is this a wampimuk? Cross-modal mapping between distributional semantics and the visual world
[P14-1132]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Elia Bruni | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Coloring Objects: Adjective-Noun Visual Semantic Compositionality
[W14-5418]: Dat Tien Nguyen | Angeliki Lazaridou | Raffaella Bernardi


Pdf Export Search Fish Transporters and Miracle Homes: How Compositional Distributional Semantics can Help NP Parsing
[D13-1196]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Eva Maria Vecchi | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search Compositional-ly Derived Representations of Morphologically Complex Words in Distributional Semantics
[P13-1149]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Marco Marelli | Roberto Zamparelli | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search A Bayesian Model for Joint Unsupervised Induction of Sentiment, Aspect and Discourse Representations
[P13-1160]: Angeliki Lazaridou | Ivan Titov | Caroline Sporleder