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Pdf Export Search A Deep Neural Network Sentence Level Classification Method with Context Information
[D18-1107]: Xingyi Song | Johann Petrak | Angus Roberts


Pdf Export Search Identifying First Episodes of Psychosis in Psychiatric Patient Records using Machine Learning
[W16-2927]: Genevieve Gorrell | Sherifat Oduola | Angus Roberts | Tom Craig | Craig Morgan | Rob Stewart


Pdf Export Search UFPRSheffield: Contrasting Rule-based and Support Vector Machine Approaches to Time Expression Identification in Clinical TempEval
[S15-2141]: Hegler Tissot | Genevieve Gorrell | Angus Roberts | Leon Derczynski | Marcos Didonet Del Fabro

Pdf Export Search Analysis of Temporal Expressions Annotated in Clinical Notes
[W15-0211]: Hegler Tissot | Angus Roberts | Leon Derczynski | Genevieve Gorrell | Marcus Didonet Del Fabro


Pdf Export Search Finding Negative Symptoms of Schizophrenia in Patient Records
[W13-5102]: Genevieve Gorrell | Angus Roberts | Richard Jackson | Robert Stewart


Pdf Export Search Tunable Domain-Independent Event Extraction in the MIRA Framework
[W09-1412]: Georgi Georgiev | Kuzman Ganchev | Vassil Momchev | Deyan Peychev | Preslav Nakov | Angus Roberts


Pdf Export Search Extracting Clinical Relationships from Patient Narratives
[W08-0602]: Angus Roberts | Robert Gaizauskas | Mark Hepple

Pdf Export Search Combining Terminology Resources and Statistical Methods for Entity Recognition: an Evaluation
[L08-1173]: Angus Roberts | Robert Gaizasukas | Mark Hepple | Yikun Guo

Pdf Export Search ANNALIST - ANNotation ALIgnment and Scoring Tool
[L08-1399]: George Demetriou | Robert Gaizauskas | Haotian Sun | Angus Roberts


Pdf Export Search Learning Meronyms from Biomedical Text
[P05-2009]: Angus Roberts


Pdf Export Search A Large-Scale Resource for Storing and Recognizing Technical Terminology
[L04-1389]: Henk Harkema | Robert Gaizauskas | Mark Hepple | Neil Davis | Yikun Guo | Angus Roberts | Ian Roberts

Pdf Export Search A Large Scale Terminology Resource for Biomedical Text Processing
[W04-3110]: Henk Harkema | Robert Gaizauskas | Mark Hepple | Angus Roberts | Ian Roberts | Neil Davis | Yikun Guo