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Pdf Export Search A Comprehensive Analysis of Bilingual Lexicon Induction
[J17-2001]: Ann Irvine | Chris Callison-Burch


Pdf Export Search The American Local News Corpus
[L14-1698]: Ann Irvine | Joshua Langfus | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search The Language Demographics of Amazon Mechanical Turk
[Q14-1007]: Ellie Pavlick | Matt Post | Ann Irvine | Dmitry Kachaev | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search Hallucinating Phrase Translations for Low Resource MT
[W14-1617]: Ann Irvine | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search Using Comparable Corpora to Adapt MT Models to New Domains
[W14-3357]: Ann Irvine | Chris Callison-Burch


Pdf Export Search Monolingual Marginal Matching for Translation Model Adaptation
[D13-1109]: Ann Irvine | Chris Quirk | Hal Daumé III

Pdf Export Search Supervised Bilingual Lexicon Induction with Multiple Monolingual Signals
[N13-1056]: Ann Irvine | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search Statistical Machine Translation in Low Resource Settings
[N13-2008]: Ann Irvine

Pdf Export Search SenseSpotting: Never let your parallel data tie you to an old domain
[P13-1141]: Marine Carpuat | Hal Daume III | Katharine Henry | Ann Irvine | Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi | Rachel Rudinger

Pdf Export Search Measuring Machine Translation Errors in New Domains
[Q13-1035]: Ann Irvine | John Morgan | Marine Carpuat | Hal Daume III | Dragos Munteanu

Pdf Export Search Combining Bilingual and Comparable Corpora for Low Resource Machine Translation
[W13-2233]: Ann Irvine | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search The (Un)faithful Machine Translator
[W13-2713]: Ruth Jones | Ann Irvine


Pdf Export Search Attachment Toward Statistical Machine Translation without Parallel Corpora
[E12-1014]: Alexandre Klementiev | Ann Irvine | Chris Callison-Burch | David Yarowsky

Pdf Export Search Processing Informal, Romanized Pakistani Text Messages
[W12-2109]: Ann Irvine | Jonathan Weese | Chris Callison-Burch

Pdf Export Search Digitizing 18th-Century French Literature: Comparing transcription methods for a critical edition text
[W12-2509]: Ann Irvine | Laure Marcellesi | Afra Zomorodian

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of ACL 2012 Student Research Workshop
[W12-3300]: Jackie C. K. Cheung | Jun Hatori | Carlos Henriquez | Ann Irvine


Pdf Export Search Attachment Feature-Rich Language-Independent Syntax-Based Alignment for Statistical Machine Translation
[D11-1046]: Jason Riesa | Ann Irvine | Daniel Marcu


Pdf Export Search Using Mechanical Turk to Annotate Lexicons for Less Commonly Used Languages
[W10-0717]: Ann Irvine | Alexandre Klementiev

Pdf Export Search Joshua 2.0: A Toolkit for Parsing-Based Machine Translation with Syntax, Semirings, Discriminative Training and Other Goodies
[W10-1718]: Zhifei Li | Chris Callison-Burch | Chris Dyer | Juri Ganitkevitch | Ann Irvine | Sanjeev Khudanpur | Lane Schwartz | Wren Thornton | Ziyuan Wang | Jonathan Weese | Omar Zaidan