Pdf Export Search Supersense tagging for Danish
[W15-1806]: Héctor Martínez Alonso | Anders Johannsen | Sussi Olsen | Sanni Nimb | Nicolai Hartvig Sørensen | Anna Braasch | Anders Søgaard | Bolette Sandford Pedersen


Pdf Export Search Creation and use of Language Resources in a Question-Answering eHealth System
[L12-1274]: Ulrich Andersen | Anna Braasch | Lina Henriksen | Csaba Huszka | Anders Johannsen | Lars Kayser | Bente Maegaard | Ole Norgaard | Stefan Schulz | Jürgen Wedekind


Pdf Export Search Merging Specialist Taxonomies and Folk Taxonomies in Wordnets - A case Study of Plants, Animals and Foods in the Danish Wordnet
[L10-1135]: Bolette S. Pedersen | Sanni Nimb | Anna Braasch

Pdf Export Search Quality Indicators of LSP Texts ― Selection and Measurements Measuring the Terminological Usefulness of Documents for an LSP Corpus
[L10-1350]: Jakob Halskov | Dorte Haltrup Hansen | Anna Braasch | Sussi Olsen


Pdf Export Search What do we need to know about humans? A view into the DanNet database
[W09-4623]: Bolette Sandford Pedersen | Anna Braasch


Pdf Export Search Merging a Syntactic Resource with a WordNet: a Feasibility Study of a Merge between STO and DanNet
[L08-1349]: Bolette Sandford Pedersen | Anna Braasch | Lina Henriksen | Sussi Olsen | Claus Povlsen


Pdf Export Search STO: A Danish Lexicon Resource - Ready for Applications
[L04-1197]: Anna Braasch | Sussi Olsen


Pdf Export Search Current Developments of STO - the Danish Lexicon Project for NLP and HLT Applications.
[L02-1261]: Anna Braasch


Pdf Export Search Towards a Strategy for a Representation of Collocations - Extending the Danish PAROLE-lexicon
[L00-1035]: Anna Braasch | Sussi Olsen


Pdf Export Search Udnyttelse af maskinlæsbare ordbogsdata til maskinoversættelse (Utilization of machine-readable dictionary data for machine translation) [In Danish]
[W89-0111]: Anna Braasch