Pdf Export Search Corpora with Part-of-Speech Annotations for Three Regional Languages of France: Alsatian, Occitan and Picard
[L18-1619]: Delphine Bernhard | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Fanny Martin | Myriam Bras | Pierre Magistry | Marianne Vergez-Couret | Lucie Steiblé | Pascale Erhart | Nabil Hathout | Dominique Huck | Christophe Rey | Philippe Reynés | Sophie Rosset | Jean Sibille | Thomas Lavergne


Pdf Export Search Are Cohesive Features Relevant for Text Readability Evaluation?
[C16-1094]: Amalia Todirascu | Thomas Francois | Delphine Bernhard | Nuria Gala | Anne-Laure Ligozat


Pdf Export Search Description of the PatientGenesys Dialogue System
[W15-4660]: Leonardo Campillos Llanos | Dhouha Bouamor | Éric Bilinski | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Pierre Zweigenbaum | Sophie Rosset


Pdf Export Search Annotation of specialized corpora using a comprehensive entity and relation scheme
[L14-1453]: Louise Deleger | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Cyril Grouin | Pierre Zweigenbaum | Aurelie Neveol

Pdf Export Search Multiple Choice Question Corpus Analysis for Distractor Characterization
[L14-1544]: Van-Minh Pho | Thibault André | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Brigitte Grau | Gabriel Illouz | Thomas Francois

Pdf Export Search Construction and Annotation of a French Folkstale Corpus
[L14-1053]: Anne Garcia-Fernandez | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Anne Vilnat

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Sentence Simplification for French
[W14-1206]: Laetitia Brouwers | Delphine Bernhard | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Thomas Francois


Pdf Export Search Studying frequency-based approaches to process lexical simplification (Approches à base de fréquences pour la simplification lexicale) [in French]
[F13-1036]: Anne-Laure Ligozat | Cyril Grouin | Anne Garcia-Fernandez | Delphine Bernhard

Pdf Export Search Question Classification Transfer
[P13-2076]: Anne-Laure Ligozat


Pdf Export Search Simplification de phrases pour l’extraction de relations (Sentence Simplification for Relation Extraction) [in French]
[F12-2001]: Anne-Lyse Minard | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Brigitte Grau

Pdf Export Search Simplification syntaxique de phrases pour le français (Syntactic Simplification for French Sentences) [in French]
[F12-2016]: Laetitia Brouwers | Delphine Bernhard | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Thomas François

Pdf Export Search ANNLOR: A Naïve Notation-system for Lexical Outputs Ranking
[S12-1068]: Anne-Laure Ligozat | Cyril Grouin | Anne Garcia-Fernandez | Delphine Bernhard


Pdf Export Search Multi-class SVM for Relation Extraction from Clinical Reports
[R11-1086]: Anne-Lyse Minard | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Brigitte Grau


Pdf Export Search Fine-grained Linguistic Evaluation of Question Answering Systems
[L10-1359]: Sarra El Ayari | Brigitte Grau | Anne-Laure Ligozat


Pdf Export Search Corpus Study of Kidney-related Experimental Data in Scientific Papers
[W09-4504]: Brigitte Grau | Anne-Laure Ligozat | Anne-Lyse Minard


Pdf Export Search Evaluation and Improvement of Cross-Lingual Question AnsweringStrategies
[W06-1904]: Anne-Laure Ligozat | Brigitte Grau | Isabelle Robba | Anne Vilnat