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Pdf Export Search Integrating Generative Lexicon Event Structures into VerbNet
[L18-1009]: Susan Windisch Brown | James Pustejovsky | Annie Zaenen | Martha Palmer


Pdf Export Search Criteria for Identifying and Annotating Caused Motion Constructions in Corpus Data
[L14-1499]: Jena D. Hwang | Annie Zaenen | Martha Palmer


Pdf Export Search Veridicity annotation in the lexicon? A look at factive adjectives
[W13-0505]: Annie Zaenen | Lauri Karttunen


Pdf Export Search Where’s the meeting that was cancelled? existential implications of transitive verbs
[W12-5115]: Patricia Amaral | Valeria de Paiva | Cleo Condoravdi | Annie Zaenen


Pdf Export Search Supporting rule-based representations with corpus-derived lexical information.
[W10-0914]: Annie Zaenen | Cleo Condoravdi | Daniel Bobrow | Raphael Hoffmann


Pdf Export Search The Encoding of lexical implications in VerbNet Predicates of change of locations
[L08-1037]: Annie Zaenen | Daniel Bobrow | Cleo Condoravdi


Pdf Export Search Precision-focused Textual Inference
[W07-1403]: Daniel Bobrow | Dick Crouch | Tracy Halloway King | Cleo Condoravdi | Lauri Karttunen | Rowan Nairn | Valeria de Paiva | Annie Zaenen

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 45th Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
[P07-1000]: Annie Zaenen | Antal van den Bosch


Pdf Export Search Last Words: Mark-up Barking Up the Wrong Tree
[J06-4012]: Annie Zaenen


Pdf Export Search Local Textual Inference: Can it be Defined or Circumscribed?
[W05-1206]: Annie Zaenen | Lauri Karttunen | Richard Crouch


Pdf Export Search Animacy Encoding in English: Why and How
[W04-0216]: Annie Zaenen | Jean Carletta | Gregory Garretson | Joan Bresnan | Andrew Koontz-Garboden | Tatiana Nikitina | M. Catherine O'Connor | Tom Wasow


Pdf Export Search Statistical Sentence Condensation using Ambiguity Packing and Stochastic Disambiguation Methods for Lexical-Functional Grammar
[N03-1026]: Stefan Riezler | Tracy H. King | Richard Crouch | Annie Zaenen


Pdf Export Search Book Reviews: Local Constraints vs. Economy
[J00-2007]: Annie Zaenen

Pdf Export Search Coreference Resolution Evaluation Based on Descriptive Specificity
[L00-1095]: François Trouilleux | Eric Gaussier | Gabriel G. Bès | Annie Zaenen

Pdf Export Search Document Transformations and Information States
[W00-1013]: Staffan Larsson | Annie Zaenen


Pdf Export Search Two-Level Morphology with Composition
[C92-1025]: Lauri Karttunen | Ronald M. Kaplan | Annie Zaenen


Pdf Export Search Modeling syntactic constraints on anaphoric binding
[C90-2013]: Mary Dalrymple | John Maxwell | Annie Zaenen