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Pdf Export Search ScoutBot: A Dialogue System for Collaborative Navigation
[P18-4016]: Stephanie M. Lukin | Felix Gervits | Cory Hayes | Pooja Moolchandani | Anton Leuski | John Rogers | Carlos Sanchez Amaro | Matthew Marge | Clare Voss | David Traum

Pdf Export Search The Niki and Julie Corpus: Collaborative Multimodal Dialogues between Humans, Robots, and Virtual Agents
[L18-1463]: Ron Artstein | Jill Boberg | Alesia Gainer | Jonathan Gratch | Emmanuel Johnson | Anton Leuski | Gale Lucas | David Traum


Pdf Export Search Lessons in Dialogue System Deployment
[W17-5541]: Anton Leuski | Ron Artstein

Pdf Export Search SHIHbot: A Facebook chatbot for Sexual Health Information on HIV/AIDS
[W17-5544]: Jacqueline Brixey | Rens Hoegen | Wei Lan | Joshua Rusow | Karan Singla | Xusen Yin | Ron Artstein | Anton Leuski


Pdf Export Search New Dimensions in Testimony Demonstration
[N16-3007]: Ron Artstein | Alesia Gainer | Kallirroi Georgila | Anton Leuski | Ari Shapiro | David Traum


Pdf Export Search Evaluating Spoken Dialogue Processing for Time-Offset Interaction
[W15-4629]: David Traum | Kallirroi Georgila | Ron Artstein | Anton Leuski


Pdf Export Search Which ASR should I choose for my dialogue system?
[W13-4064]: Fabrizio Morbini | Kartik Audhkhasi | Kenji Sagae | Ron Artstein | Dogan Can | Panayiotis Georgiou | Shri Narayanan | Anton Leuski | David Traum


Pdf Export Search Reinforcement Learning of Question-Answering Dialogue Policies for Virtual Museum Guides
[W12-1611]: Teruhisa Misu | Kallirroi Georgila | Anton Leuski | David Traum

Pdf Export Search A Study in How NLU Performance Can Affect the Choice of Dialogue System Architecture
[W12-1637]: Anton Leuski | David DeVault

Pdf Export Search The BladeMistress Corpus: From Talk to Action in Virtual Worlds
[L12-1062]: Anton Leuski | Carsten Eickhoff | James Ganis | Victor Lavrenko


Pdf Export Search Toward Learning and Evaluation of Dialogue Policies with Text Examples
[W11-2006]: David DeVault | Anton Leuski | Kenji Sagae

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Alternative Strategies for Implementing Dialogue Policies Using Statistical Classification and Hand-Authored Rules
[I11-1150]: David DeVault | Anton Leuski | Kenji Sagae


Pdf Export Search NPCEditor: A Tool for Building Question-Answering Characters
[L10-1449]: Anton Leuski | David Traum


Pdf Export Search Building Effective Question Answering Characters
[W06-1303]: Anton Leuski | Ronakkumar Patel | David Traum | Brandon Kennedy


Pdf Export Search Statistical Shallow Semantic Parsing despite Little Training Data
[W05-1520]: Rahul Bhagat | Anton Leuski | Eduard Hovy


Pdf Export Search iNeATS: Interactive Multi-Document Summarization
[P03-2021]: Anton Leuski | Chin-Yew Lin | Eduard Hovy

Pdf Export Search Desparately Seeking Cebuano
[N03-2026]: Douglas W. Oard | David Doermann | Bonnie Dorr | Daqing He | Philip Resnik | Amy Weinberg | William Byrne | Sanjeev Khudanpur | David Yarowsky | Anton Leuski | Philipp Koehn | Kevin Knight