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Pdf Export Search A Discourse-Aware Attention Model for Abstractive Summarization of Long Documents
[N18-2097]: Arman Cohan | Franck Dernoncourt | Doo Soon Kim | Trung Bui | Seokhwan Kim | Walter Chang | Nazli Goharian

Pdf Export Search GU IRLAB at SemEval-2018 Task 7: Tree-LSTMs for Scientific Relation Classification
[S18-1133]: Sean MacAvaney | Luca Soldaini | Arman Cohan | Nazli Goharian

Pdf Export Search RSDD-Time: Temporal Annotation of Self-Reported Mental Health Diagnoses
[W18-0618]: Sean MacAvaney | Bart Desmet | Arman Cohan | Luca Soldaini | Andrew Yates | Ayah Zirikly | Nazli Goharian

Pdf Export Search Helping or Hurting? Predicting Changes in Users’ Risk of Self-Harm Through Online Community Interactions
[W18-0621]: Luca Soldaini | Timothy Walsh | Arman Cohan | Julien Han | Nazli Goharian


Pdf Export Search Depression and Self-Harm Risk Assessment in Online Forums
[D17-1322]: Andrew Yates | Arman Cohan | Nazli Goharian

Pdf Export Search GUIR at SemEval-2017 Task 12: A Framework for Cross-Domain Clinical Temporal Information Extraction
[S17-2180]: Sean MacAvaney | Arman Cohan | Nazli Goharian


Pdf Export Search Triaging Mental Health Forum Posts
[W16-0316]: Arman Cohan | Sydney Young | Nazli Goharian

Pdf Export Search GUIR at SemEval-2016 task 12: Temporal Information Processing for Clinical Narratives
[S16-1194]: Arman Cohan | Kevin Meurer | Nazli Goharian


Pdf Export Search Scientific Article Summarization Using Citation-Context and Article's Discourse Structure
[D15-1045]: Arman Cohan | Nazli Goharian

Pdf Export Search Matching Citation Text and Cited Spans in Biomedical Literature: a Search-Oriented Approach
[N15-1110]: Arman Cohan | Luca Soldaini | Nazli Goharian