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Pdf Export Search Bridging resolution: Task definition, corpus resources and rule-based experiments
[C18-1298]: Ina Roesiger | Arndt Riester | Jonas Kuhn

Pdf Export Search QUD-Based Annotation of Discourse Structure and Information Structure: Tool and Evaluation
[L18-1304]: Kordula De Kuthy | Nils Reiter | Arndt Riester

Pdf Export Search German Radio Interviews: The GRAIN Release of the SFB732 Silver Standard Collection
[L18-1457]: Katrin Schweitzer | Kerstin Eckart | Markus Gärtner | Agnieszka Falenska | Arndt Riester | Ina Roesiger | Antje Schweitzer | Sabrina Stehwien | Jonas Kuhn


Pdf Export Search Improving coreference resolution with automatically predicted prosodic information
[W17-4610]: Ina Roesiger | Sabrina Stehwien | Arndt Riester | Ngoc Thang Vu


Pdf Export Search Using prosodic annotations to improve coreference resolution of spoken text
[P15-2014]: Ina Roesiger | Arndt Riester


Pdf Export Search The Extended DIRNDL Corpus as a Resource for Coreference and Bridging Resolution
[L14-1683]: Anders Björkelund | Kerstin Eckart | Arndt Riester | Nadja Schauffler | Katrin Schweitzer


Pdf Export Search Automatically Acquiring Fine-Grained Information Status Distinctions in German
[W12-1632]: Aoife Cahill | Arndt Riester


Pdf Export Search A Recursive Annotation Scheme for Referential Information Status
[L10-1528]: Arndt Riester | David Lorenz | Nina Seemann


Pdf Export Search Frequency Matters: Pitch Accents and Information Status
[E09-1083]: Katrin Schweitzer | Michael Walsh | Bernd Möbius | Arndt Riester | Antje Schweitzer | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Information Status into Generation Ranking
[P09-1092]: Aoife Cahill | Arndt Riester