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Pdf Export Search Pre-Computable Multi-Layer Neural Network Language Models
[D15-1029]: Jacob Devlin | Chris Quirk | Arul Menezes

Pdf Export Search An AMR parser for English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese and a new AMR-annotated corpus
[N15-3006]: Lucy Vanderwende | Arul Menezes | Chris Quirk


Pdf Export Search Social Text Normalization using Contextual Graph Random Walks
[P13-1155]: Hany Hassan | Arul Menezes


Pdf Export Search Syntactic Models for Structural Word Insertion and Deletion during Translation
[D08-1077]: Arul Menezes | Chris Quirk


Pdf Export Search Using Dependency Order Templates to Improve Generality in Translation
[W07-0701]: Arul Menezes | Chris Quirk


Pdf Export Search Do we need phrases? Challenging the conventional wisdom in Statistical Machine Translation
[N06-1002]: Chris Quirk | Arul Menezes

Pdf Export Search Effectively Using Syntax for Recognizing False Entailment
[N06-1005]: Rion Snow | Lucy Vanderwende | Arul Menezes

Pdf Export Search Microsoft Research Treelet Translation System: NAACL 2006 Europarl Evaluation
[W06-3124]: Arul Menezes | Kristina Toutanova | Chris Quirk


Pdf Export Search MindNet: An Automatically-Created Lexical Resource
[H05-2005]: Lucy Vanderwende | Gary Kacmarcik | Hisami Suzuki | Arul Menezes

Pdf Export Search Dependency Treelet Translation: Syntactically Informed Phrasal SMT
[P05-1034]: Chris Quirk | Arul Menezes | Colin Cherry


Pdf Export Search English-Japanese Example-Based Machine Translation Using Abstract Linguistic Representations
[W02-1604]: Chris Brockett | Takako Aikawa | Anthony Aue | Arul Menezes | Chris Quirk | Hisami Suzuki


Pdf Export Search Overcoming the customization bottleneck using example-based MT
[W01-1402]: Stephen D. Richardson | William B. Dolan | Arul Menezes | Monica Corston-Oliver

Pdf Export Search A best-first alignment algorithm for automatic extraction of transfer mappings from bilingual corpora
[W01-1406]: Arul Menezes | Stephen D. Richardson