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Pdf Export Search Learning distributed event representations with a multi-task approach
[S18-2002]: Xudong Hong | Asad Sayeed | Vera Demberg

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics (CMCL 2018)
[W18-0100]: Asad Sayeed | Cassandra Jacobs | Tal Linzen | Marten van Schijndel

Pdf Export Search Rollenwechsel-English: a large-scale semantic role corpus
[L18-1488]: Asad Sayeed | Pavel Shkadzko | Vera Demberg


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 7th Workshop on Cognitive Modeling and Computational Linguistics (CMCL 2017)
[W17-0700]: Ted Gibson | Tal Linzen | Asad Sayeed | Martin van Schijndel | William Schuler

Pdf Export Search Modelling Semantic Expectation: Using Script Knowledge for Referent Prediction
[Q17-1003]: Ashutosh Modi | Ivan Titov | Vera Demberg | Asad Sayeed | Manfred Pinkal


Pdf Export Search Event participant modelling with neural networks
[D16-1017]: Ottokar Tilk | Vera Demberg | Asad Sayeed | Dietrich Klakow | Stefan Thater

Pdf Export Search Thematic fit evaluation: an aspect of selectional preferences
[W16-2518]: Asad Sayeed | Clayton Greenberg | Vera Demberg

Pdf Export Search Roleo: Visualising Thematic Fit Spaces on the Web
[P16-4024]: Asad Sayeed | Xudong Hong | Vera Demberg

Pdf Export Search LingoTurk: managing crowdsourced tasks for psycholinguistics
[N16-3012]: Florian Pusse | Asad Sayeed | Vera Demberg


Pdf Export Search Verb polysemy and frequency effects in thematic fit modeling
[W15-1106]: Clayton Greenberg | Vera Demberg | Asad Sayeed

Pdf Export Search Vector-space calculation of semantic surprisal for predicting word pronunciation duration
[P15-1074]: Asad Sayeed | Stefan Fischer | Vera Demberg

Pdf Export Search Improving unsupervised vector-space thematic fit evaluation via role-filler prototype clustering
[N15-1003]: Clayton Greenberg | Asad Sayeed | Vera Demberg


Pdf Export Search The semantic augmentation of a psycholinguistically-motivated syntactic formalism
[W13-2607]: Asad Sayeed | Vera Demberg

Pdf Export Search An opinion about opinions about opinions: subjectivity and the aggregate reader
[N13-1081]: Asad Sayeed


Pdf Export Search Grammatical structures for word-level sentiment detection
[N12-1085]: Asad Sayeed | Jordan Boyd-Graber | Bryan Rusk | Amy Weinberg

Pdf Export Search Syntactic Surprisal Affects Spoken Word Duration in Conversational Contexts
[D12-1033]: Vera Demberg | Asad Sayeed | Philip Gorinski | Nikolaos Engonopoulos

Pdf Export Search Incremental Neo-Davidsonian semantic construction for TAG
[W12-4608]: Asad Sayeed | Vera Demberg


Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing syntactic relatedness judgements for opinion mining in the study of information technology adoption
[W11-1510]: Asad Sayeed | Bryan Rusk | Martin Petrov | Hieu Nguyen | Timothy Meyer | Amy Weinberg


Pdf Export Search Arabic Cross-Document Coreference Resolution
[P09-2090]: Asad Sayeed | Tamer Elsayed | Nikesh Garera | David Alexander | Tan Xu | Doug Oard | David Yarowsky | Christine Piatko