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Pdf Export Search Note DR-BiLSTM: Dependent Reading Bidirectional LSTM for Natural Language Inference
[N18-1132]: Reza Ghaeini | Sadid A. Hasan | Vivek Datla | Joey Liu | Kathy Lee | Ashequl Qadir | Yuan Ling | Aaditya Prakash | Xiaoli Fern | Oladimeji Farri


Pdf Export Search Learning to Diagnose: Assimilating Clinical Narratives using Deep Reinforcement Learning
[I17-1090]: Yuan Ling | Sadid A. Hasan | Vivek Datla | Ashequl Qadir | Kathy Lee | Joey Liu | Oladimeji Farri


Pdf Export Search Neural Paraphrase Generation with Stacked Residual LSTM Networks
[C16-1275]: aaditya prakash | Sadid A. Hasan | Kathy Lee | Vivek Datla | Ashequl Qadir | Joey Liu | Oladimeji Farri

Pdf Export Search Automatically Inferring Implicit Properties in Similes
[N16-1146]: Ashequl Qadir | Ellen Riloff | Marilyn A. Walker

Pdf Export Search Activity Modeling in Email
[N16-1171]: Ashequl Qadir | Michael Gamon | Patrick Pantel | Ahmed Hassan Awadallah

Pdf Export Search Neural Clinical Paraphrase Generation with Attention
[W16-4207]: Sadid A. Hasan | Bo Liu | Joey Liu | Ashequl Qadir | Kathy Lee | Vivek Datla | Aaditya Prakash | Oladimeji Farri


Pdf Export Search Learning to Recognize Affective Polarity in Similes
[D15-1019]: Ashequl Qadir | Ellen Riloff | Marilyn Walker


Pdf Export Search Learning Emotion Indicators from Tweets: Hashtags, Hashtag Patterns, and Phrases
[D14-1127]: Ashequl Qadir | Ellen Riloff


Pdf Export Search Sarcasm as Contrast between a Positive Sentiment and Negative Situation
[D13-1066]: Ellen Riloff | Ashequl Qadir | Prafulla Surve | Lalindra De Silva | Nathan Gilbert | Ruihong Huang

Pdf Export Search Bootstrapped Learning of Emotion Hashtags #hashtags4you
[W13-1602]: Ashequl Qadir | Ellen Riloff


Pdf Export Search Ensemble-based Semantic Lexicon Induction for Semantic Tagging
[S12-1028]: Ashequl Qadir | Ellen Riloff


Pdf Export Search Classifying Sentences as Speech Acts in Message Board Posts
[D11-1069]: Ashequl Qadir | Ellen Riloff


Pdf Export Search Detecting Opinion Sentences Specific to Product Features in Customer Reviews using Typed Dependency Relations
[W09-4306]: Ashequl Qadir