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Pdf Export Search Tensor2Tensor for Neural Machine Translation
[W18-1819]: Ashish Vaswani | Samy Bengio | Eugene Brevdo | Francois Chollet | Aidan Gomez | Stephan Gouws | Llion Jones | Ɓukasz Kaiser | Nal Kalchbrenner | Niki Parmar | Ryan Sepassi | Noam Shazeer | Jakob Uszkoreit

Pdf Export Search Presentation Note The Best of Both Worlds: Combining Recent Advances in Neural Machine Translation
[P18-1008]: Mia Xu Chen | Orhan Firat | Ankur Bapna | Melvin Johnson | Wolfgang Macherey | George Foster | Llion Jones | Mike Schuster | Noam Shazeer | Niki Parmar | Ashish Vaswani | Jakob Uszkoreit | Lukasz Kaiser | Zhifeng Chen | Yonghui Wu | Macduff Hughes

Pdf Export Search Self-Attention with Relative Position Representations
[N18-2074]: Peter Shaw | Jakob Uszkoreit | Ashish Vaswani


Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Neural Hidden Markov Models
[W16-5907]: Ke M. Tran | Yonatan Bisk | Ashish Vaswani | Daniel Marcu | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Efficient Structured Inference for Transition-Based Parsing with Neural Networks and Error States
[Q16-1014]: Ashish Vaswani | Kenji Sagae

Pdf Export Search Supertagging With LSTMs
[N16-1027]: Ashish Vaswani | Yonatan Bisk | Kenji Sagae | Ryan Musa

Pdf Export Search Name Tagging for Low-resource Incident Languages based on Expectation-driven Learning
[N16-1029]: Boliang Zhang | Xiaoman Pan | Tianlu Wang | Ashish Vaswani | Heng Ji | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu

Pdf Export Search Simple, Fast Noise-Contrastive Estimation for Large RNN Vocabularies
[N16-1145]: Barret Zoph | Ashish Vaswani | Jonathan May | Kevin Knight


Pdf Export Search Software Unifying Bayesian Inference and Vector Space Models for Improved Decipherment
[P15-1081]: Qing Dou | Ashish Vaswani | Kevin Knight | Chris Dyer

Pdf Export Search Model Invertibility Regularization: Sequence Alignment With or Without Parallel Data
[N15-1063]: Tomer Levinboim | Ashish Vaswani | David Chiang


Pdf Export Search Aligning context-based statistical models of language with brain activity during reading
[D14-1030]: Leila Wehbe | Ashish Vaswani | Kevin Knight | Tom Mitchell

Pdf Export Search Beyond Parallel Data: Joint Word Alignment and Decipherment Improves Machine Translation
[D14-1061]: Qing Dou | Ashish Vaswani | Kevin Knight


Pdf Export Search Decoding with Large-Scale Neural Language Models Improves Translation
[D13-1140]: Ashish Vaswani | Yinggong Zhao | Victoria Fossum | David Chiang

Pdf Export Search Learning Whom to Trust with MACE
[N13-1132]: Dirk Hovy | Taylor Berg-Kirkpatrick | Ashish Vaswani | Eduard Hovy


Pdf Export Search Smaller Alignment Models for Better Translations: Unsupervised Word Alignment with the l0-norm
[P12-1033]: Ashish Vaswani | Liang Huang | David Chiang


Pdf Export Search Rule Markov Models for Fast Tree-to-String Translation
[P11-1086]: Ashish Vaswani | Haitao Mi | Liang Huang | David Chiang

Pdf Export Search Models and Training for Unsupervised Preposition Sense Disambiguation
[P11-2056]: Dirk Hovy | Ashish Vaswani | Stephen Tratz | David Chiang | Eduard Hovy


Pdf Export Search Efficient Optimization of an MDL-Inspired Objective Function for Unsupervised Part-Of-Speech Tagging
[P10-2039]: Ashish Vaswani | Adam Pauls | David Chiang

Pdf Export Search Fast, Greedy Model Minimization for Unsupervised Tagging
[C10-1106]: Sujith Ravi | Ashish Vaswani | Kevin Knight | David Chiang