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Pdf Export Search Butterfly Effects in Frame Semantic Parsing: impact of data processing on model ranking
[C18-1267]: Alexandre Kabbach | Corentin Ribeyre | Aurélie Herbelot


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 6th Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM 2017)
[S17-1000]: Nancy Ide | Aurélie Herbelot | Lluís Màrquez

Pdf Export Search Attachment High-risk learning: acquiring new word vectors from tiny data
[D17-1030]: Aurélie Herbelot | Marco Baroni

Pdf Export Search FOIL it! Find One mismatch between Image and Language caption
[P17-1024]: Ravi Shekhar | Sandro Pezzelle | Yauhen Klimovich | Aurélie Herbelot | Moin Nabi | Enver Sangineto | Raffaella Bernardi


Pdf Export Search Formal Distributional Semantics: Introduction to the Special Issue
[J16-4002]: Gemma Boleda | Aurélie Herbelot

Pdf Export Search “Look, some Green Circles!”: Learning to Quantify from Images
[W16-3211]: Ionut Sorodoc | Angeliki Lazaridou | Gemma Boleda | Aurélie Herbelot | Sandro Pezzelle | Raffaella Bernardi

Pdf Export Search ‘Calling on the classical phone’: a distributional model of adjective-noun errors in learners’ English
[C16-1093]: Aurélie Herbelot | Ekaterina Kochmar

Pdf Export Search Predictability of Distributional Semantics in Derivational Word Formation
[C16-1122]: Sebastian Padó | Aurélie Herbelot | Max Kisselew | Jan Šnajder

Pdf Export Search You and me... in a vector space: modelling individual speakers with distributional semantics
[S16-2023]: Aurélie Herbelot | Behrang QasemiZadeh


Pdf Export Search Building a shared world: mapping distributional to model-theoretic semantic spaces
[D15-1003]: Aurélie Herbelot | Eva Maria Vecchi

Pdf Export Search Mr Darcy and Mr Toad, gentlemen: distributional names and their kinds
[W15-0120]: Aurélie Herbelot


Pdf Export Search Measuring semantic content in distributional vectors
[P13-2078]: Aurélie Herbelot | Mohan Ganesalingam


Pdf Export Search Distributional techniques for philosophical enquiry
[W12-1008]: Aurélie Herbelot | Eva von Redecker | Johanna Müller


Pdf Export Search Exciting and interesting: issues in the generation of binomials
[W11-2707]: Ann Copestake | Aurélie Herbelot