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Pdf Export Search RSDD-Time: Temporal Annotation of Self-Reported Mental Health Diagnoses
[W18-0618]: Sean MacAvaney | Bart Desmet | Arman Cohan | Luca Soldaini | Andrew Yates | Ayah Zirikly | Nazli Goharian

Pdf Export Search SMHD: a Large-Scale Resource for Exploring Online Language Usage for Multiple Mental Health Conditions
[C18-1126]: Arman Cohan | Bart Desmet | Andrew Yates | Luca Soldaini | Sean MacAvaney | Nazli Goharian


Pdf Export Search Mental Distress Detection and Triage in Forum Posts: The LT3 CLPsych 2016 Shared Task System
[W16-0317]: Bart Desmet | Gilles Jacobs | Véronique Hoste

Pdf Export Search The GW/LT3 VarDial 2016 Shared Task System for Dialects and Similar Languages Detection
[W16-4804]: Ayah Zirikly | Bart Desmet | Mona Diab


Pdf Export Search UGENT-LT3 SCATE System for Machine Translation Quality Estimation
[W15-3043]: Arda Tezcan | Veronique Hoste | Bart Desmet | Lieve Macken

Pdf Export Search Detection and Fine-Grained Classification of Cyberbullying Events
[R15-1086]: Cynthia Van Hee | Els Lefever | Ben Verhoeven | Julie Mennes | Bart Desmet | Guy De Pauw | Walter Daelemans | Veronique Hoste


Pdf Export Search Recognising suicidal messages in Dutch social media
[L14-1482]: Bart Desmet | Véronique Hoste

Pdf Export Search Towards Shared Datasets for Normalization Research
[L14-1574]: Orphee De Clercq | Sarah Schulz | Bart Desmet | Veronique Hoste


Pdf Export Search Normalization of Dutch User-Generated Content
[R13-1024]: Orphee De Clercq | Sarah Schulz | Bart Desmet | Els Lefever | Veronique Hoste


Pdf Export Search Towards a Balanced Named Entity Corpus for Dutch
[L10-1143]: Bart Desmet | Véronique Hoste

Pdf Export Search Towards a Learning Approach for Abbreviation Detection and Resolution.
[L10-1510]: Klaar Vanopstal | Bart Desmet | Véronique Hoste