Pdf Export Search Can adult mental health be predicted by childhood future-self narratives? Insights from the CLPsych 2018 Shared Task
[W18-0614]: Kylie Radford | Louise Lavrencic | Ruth Peters | Kim Kiely | Ben Hachey | Scott Nowson | Will Radford


Pdf Export Search Learning to generate one-sentence biographies from Wikidata
[E17-1060]: Andrew Chisholm | Will Radford | Ben Hachey

Pdf Export Search English Event Detection With Translated Language Features
[P17-2046]: Sam Wei | Igor Korostil | Joel Nothman | Ben Hachey


Pdf Export Search CLPsych 2016 Shared Task: Triaging content in online peer-support forums
[W16-0312]: David N. Milne | Glen Pink | Ben Hachey | Rafael A. Calvo

Pdf Export Search Classification of mental health forum posts
[W16-0324]: Glen Pink | Will Radford | Ben Hachey

Pdf Export Search Discovering Entity Knowledge Bases on the Web
[W16-1302]: Andrew Chisholm | Will Radford | Ben Hachey

Pdf Export Search :telephone::person::sailboat::whale::okhand: ; or "Call me Ishmael" – How do you translate emoji?
[U16-1018]: Will Radford | Ben Hachey | Bo Han | Andy Chisholm

Pdf Export Search Presenting a New Dataset for the Timeline Generation Problem
[U16-1019]: Xavier Holt | Will Radford | Ben Hachey

Pdf Export Search Overview of the 2016 ALTA Shared Task: Cross-KB Coreference
[U16-1020]: Andrew Chisholm | Ben Hachey | Diego Mollá


Pdf Export Search Entity Disambiguation with Web Links
[Q15-1011]: Andrew Chisholm | Ben Hachey

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Association Workshop 2015
[U15-1000]: Ben Hachey | Kellie Webster

Pdf Export Search A comparison and analysis of models for event trigger detection
[U15-1016]: Sam Shang Chun Wei | Ben Hachey


Pdf Export Search Cheap and easy entity evaluation
[P14-2076]: Ben Hachey | Joel Nothman | Will Radford


Pdf Export Search Event Linking: Grounding Event Reference in a News Archive
[P12-2045]: Joel Nothman | Matthew Honnibal | Ben Hachey | James R. Curran


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the NAACL HLT 2010 Workshop on Computational Linguistics in a World of Social Media
[W10-0500]: Ben Hachey | Miles Osborne

Pdf Export Search Tracking Information Flow between Primary and Secondary News Sources
[W10-0515]: Will Radford | Ben Hachey | James Curran | Maria Milosavljevic


Pdf Export Search Evaluation of Generic Relation Identification
[U09-1002]: Ben Hachey

Pdf Export Search Tracking Information Flow in Financial Text
[U09-1003]: Will Radford | Ben Hachey | James R Curran | Maria Milosavljevic

Pdf Export Search Multi-Document Summarisation Using Generic Relation Extraction
[D09-1044]: Ben Hachey


Pdf Export Search Dimensionality Reduction Aids Term Co-Occurrence Based Multi-Document Summarization
[W06-0701]: Ben Hachey | Gabriel Murray | David Reitter

Pdf Export Search Comparison of Similarity Models for the Relation Discovery Task
[W06-1105]: Ben Hachey


Pdf Export Search Investigating the Effects of Selective Sampling on the Annotation Task
[W05-0619]: Ben Hachey | Beatrice Alex | Markus Becker


Pdf Export Search A Rhetorical Status Classifier for Legal Text Summarisation
[W04-1007]: Ben Hachey | Claire Grover

Pdf Export Search The HOLJ Corpus. Supporting Summarisation of Legal Texts
[W04-1907]: Claire Grover | Ben Hachey | Ian Hughson


Pdf Export Search Demonstration of the CROSSMARC System
[N03-4007]: Vangelis Karkaletsis | Constantine D. Spyropoulos | Dimitris Souflis | Claire Grover | Ben Hachey | Maria Teresa Pazienza | Michele Vindigni | Emmanuel Cartier | Jose Coch

Pdf Export Search Summarising Legal Texts: Sentential Tense and Argumentative Roles
[W03-0505]: Claire Grover | Ben Hachey | Chris Korycinski