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Pdf Export Search Interpretable Textual Neuron Representations for NLP
[W18-5437]: Nina Poerner | Benjamin Roth | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search Joint Aspect and Polarity Classification for Aspect-based Sentiment Analysis with End-to-End Neural Networks
[D18-1139]: Martin Schmitt | Simon Steinheber | Konrad Schreiber | Benjamin Roth

Pdf Export Search Poster Note Evaluating neural network explanation methods using hybrid documents and morphosyntactic agreement
[P18-1032]: Nina Poerner | Hinrich Schütze | Benjamin Roth

Pdf Export Search Joint Bootstrapping Machines for High Confidence Relation Extraction
[N18-1003]: Pankaj Gupta | Benjamin Roth | Hinrich Schütze


Pdf Export Search Towards Bootstrapping a Polarity Shifter Lexicon using Linguistic Features
[I17-1063]: Marc Schulder | Michael Wiegand | Josef Ruppenhofer | Benjamin Roth


Pdf Export Search Comparing Convolutional Neural Networks to Traditional Models for Slot Filling
[N16-1097]: Heike Adel | Benjamin Roth | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Relation Extraction using Compositional Universal Schema
[N16-1103]: Patrick Verga | David Belanger | Emma Strubell | Benjamin Roth | Andrew McCallum


Pdf Export Search Compositional Vector Space Models for Knowledge Base Completion
[P15-1016]: Arvind Neelakantan | Benjamin Roth | Andrew McCallum


Pdf Export Search Automatic Food Categorization from Large Unlabeled Corpora and Its Impact on Relation Extraction
[E14-1071]: Michael Wiegand | Benjamin Roth | Dietrich Klakow

Pdf Export Search RelationFactory: A Fast, Modular and Effective System for Knowledge Base Population
[E14-2023]: Benjamin Roth | Tassilo Barth | Grzegorz Chrupała | Martin Gropp | Dietrich Klakow

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Parsing for Generating Surface-Based Relation Extraction Patterns
[E14-4020]: Jens Illig | Benjamin Roth | Dietrich Klakow


Pdf Export Search Combining Generative and Discriminative Model Scores for Distant Supervision
[D13-1003]: Benjamin Roth | Dietrich Klakow


Pdf Export Search A Gold Standard for Relation Extraction in the Food Domain
[L12-1018]: Michael Wiegand | Benjamin Roth | Eva Lasarcyk | Stephanie Köser | Dietrich Klakow


Pdf Export Search Topic Models for Word Sense Disambiguation and Token-Based Idiom Detection
[P10-1116]: Linlin Li | Benjamin Roth | Caroline Sporleder

Pdf Export Search A survey on the role of negation in sentiment analysis
[W10-3111]: Michael Wiegand | Alexandra Balahur | Benjamin Roth | Dietrich Klakow | Andrés Montoyo