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Pdf Export Search Veyn at PARSEME Shared Task 2018: Recurrent Neural Networks for VMWE Identification
[W18-4933]: Nicolas Zampieri | Manon Scholivet | Carlos Ramisch | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search Adding Syntactic Annotations to Flickr30k Entities Corpus for Multimodal Ambiguous Prepositional-Phrase Attachment Resolution
[L18-1716]: Sebastien Delecraz | Alexis Nasr | FREDERIC BECHET | Benoit Favre


Pdf Export Search Evaluation of word embeddings against cognitive processes: primed reaction times in lexical decision and naming tasks
[W17-5304]: Jeremy Auguste | Arnaud Rey | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search Correcting prepositional phrase attachments using multimodal corpora
[W17-6311]: Sebastien Delecraz | Alexis Nasr | Frederic Bechet | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the MultiLing 2017 Workshop on Summarization and Summary Evaluation Across Source Types and Genres
[W17-1000]: George Giannakopoulos | Elena Lloret | John M. Conroy | Josef Steinberger | Marina Litvak | Peter Rankel | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search MultiLing 2017 Overview
[W17-1001]: George Giannakopoulos | John Conroy | Jeff Kubina | Peter A. Rankel | Elena Lloret | Josef Steinberger | Marina Litvak | Benoit Favre


Pdf Export Search SENSEI-LIF at SemEval-2016 Task 4: Polarity embedding fusion for robust sentiment analysis
[S16-1030]: Mickael Rouvier | Benoit Favre


Pdf Export Search Concept-based Summarization using Integer Linear Programming: From Concept Pruning to Multiple Optimal Solutions
[D15-1220]: Florian Boudin | Hugo Mougard | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search Rapid FrameNet annotation of spoken conversation transcripts
[W15-0212]: Jeremy Trione | Frederic Bechet | Benoit Favre | Alexis Nasr

Pdf Export Search Call Centre Conversation Summarization: A Pilot Task at Multiling 2015
[W15-4633]: Benoit Favre | Evgeny Stepanov | Jérémy Trione | Frederic Bechet | Giuseppe Riccardi

Pdf Export Search MultiLing 2015: Multilingual Summarization of Single and Multi-Documents, On-line Fora, and Call-center Conversations
[W15-4638]: George Giannakopoulos | Jeff Kubina | John Conroy | Josef Steinberger | Benoit Favre | Mijail Kabadjov | Udo Kruschwitz | Massimo Poesio


Pdf Export Search Automatically enriching spoken corpora with syntactic information for linguistic studies
[L14-1631]: Alexis Nasr | Frederic Bechet | Benoit Favre | Thierry Bazillon | Jose Deulofeu | Andre Valli

Pdf Export Search A Repository of State of the Art and Competitive Baseline Summaries for Generic News Summarization
[L14-1070]: Kai Hong | John Conroy | Benoit Favre | Alex Kulesza | Hui Lin | Ani Nenkova


Pdf Export Search Generative Constituent Parsing and Discriminative Dependency Reranking: Experiments on English and French
[W12-3412]: Joseph Le Roux | Benoit Favre | Alexis Nasr | Seyed Abolghasem Mirroshandel

Pdf Export Search Syntactic annotation of spontaneous speech: application to call-center conversation data
[L12-1397]: Thierry Bazillon | Melanie Deplano | Frederic Bechet | Alexis Nasr | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search Leveraging study of robustness and portability of spoken language understanding systems across languages and domains: the PORTMEDIA corpora
[L12-1438]: Fabrice Lefèvre | Djamel Mostefa | Laurent Besacier | Yannick Estève | Matthieu Quignard | Nathalie Camelin | Benoit Favre | Bassam Jabaian | Lina M. Rojas-Barahona


Pdf Export Search MACAON An NLP Tool Suite for Processing Word Lattices
[P11-4015]: Alexis Nasr | Frederic Bechet | Jean-Francois Rey | Benoit Favre | Joseph Le Roux


Pdf Export Search The UMUS System for Named Entity Generation at GREC 2010
[W10-4230]: Benoit Favre | Bernd Bohnet


Pdf Export Search A Scalable Global Model for Summarization
[W09-1802]: Dan Gillick | Benoit Favre

Pdf Export Search ICSI-CRF: The Generation of References to the Main Subject and Named Entities Using Conditional Random Fields
[W09-2818]: Benoit Favre | Bernd Bohnet


Pdf Export Search Robust Named Entity Extraction from Large Spoken Archives
[H05-1062]: Benoit Favre | Frédéric Bechet | Pascal Nocéra