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Pdf Export Search Resumption and Extraction in an Implemented HPSG of Hausa
[W15-3309]: Berthold Crysmann


Pdf Export Search Towards Efficient HPSG Generation for German, a Non-Configurational Language
[C12-1043]: Berthold Crysmann | Woodley Packard


Pdf Export Search A Machine Learning Approach to Relational Noun Mining in German
[W11-0811]: Berthold Crysmann


Pdf Export Search Autosegmental representations in an HPSG of Hausa
[W09-2604]: Berthold Crysmann


Pdf Export Search Parse Selection with a German HPSG Grammar
[W08-1002]: Berthold Crysmann

Pdf Export Search Hybrid Processing for Grammar and Style Checking
[C08-1020]: Berthold Crysmann | Nuria Bertomeu | Peter Adolphs | Daniel Flickinger | Tina Klüwer

Pdf Export Search Some Fine Points of Hybrid Natural Language Parsing
[L08-1024]: Peter Adolphs | Stephan Oepen | Ulrich Callmeier | Berthold Crysmann | Dan Flickinger | Bernd Kiefer


Pdf Export Search Local Ambiguity Packing and Discontinuity in German
[W07-1219]: Berthold Crysmann


Pdf Export Search Towards a Dependency-Based Gold Standard for German Parsers. The TIGER Dependency Bank
[W04-1905]: Martin Forst | Núria Bertomeu | Berthold Crysmann | Frederik Fouvry | Silvia Hansen-Schirra | Valia Kordoni


Pdf Export Search Integrated Shallow and Deep Parsing: TopP Meets HPSG
[P03-1014]: Anette Frank | Markus Becker | Berthold Crysmann | Bernd Kiefer | Ulrich Schäfer


Pdf Export Search An Integrated Archictecture for Shallow and Deep Processing
[P02-1056]: Berthold Crysmann | Anette Frank | Kiefer Bernd | Stefan Mueller | Guenter Neumann | Jakub Piskorski | Ulrich Schaefer | Melanie Siegel | Hans Uszkoreit | Feiyu Xu | Markus Becker | Hans-Ulrich Krieger


Pdf Export Search Looking for Errors: A Declarative Formalism for Resource-adaptive Language Checking
[L00-1225]: Andrew Bredenkamp | Berthold Crysmann | Mirela Petrea