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Pdf Export Search Learning to Learn Semantic Parsers from Natural Language Supervision
[D18-1195]: Igor Labutov | Bishan Yang | Tom Mitchell

Pdf Export Search Multi-Relational Question Answering from Narratives: Machine Reading and Reasoning in Simulated Worlds
[P18-1077]: Igor Labutov | Bishan Yang | Anusha Prakash | Amos Azaria


Pdf Export Search A Joint Sequential and Relational Model for Frame-Semantic Parsing
[D17-1128]: Bishan Yang | Tom Mitchell

Pdf Export Search Leveraging Knowledge Bases in LSTMs for Improving Machine Reading
[P17-1132]: Bishan Yang | Tom Mitchell


Pdf Export Search Joint Extraction of Events and Entities within a Document Context
[N16-1033]: Bishan Yang | Tom M. Mitchell


Pdf Export Search A Hierarchical Distance-dependent Bayesian Model for Event Coreference Resolution
[Q15-1037]: Bishan Yang | Claire Cardie | Peter Frazier

Pdf Export Search Conditional Random Fields for Identifying Appropriate Types of Support for Propositions in Online User Comments
[W15-0506]: Joonsuk Park | Arzoo Katiyar | Bishan Yang


Pdf Export Search Context-aware Learning for Sentence-level Sentiment Analysis with Posterior Regularization
[P14-1031]: Bishan Yang | Claire Cardie

Pdf Export Search Joint Modeling of Opinion Expression Extraction and Attribute Classification
[Q14-1039]: Bishan Yang | Claire Cardie

Pdf Export Search Typed Tensor Decomposition of Knowledge Bases for Relation Extraction
[D14-1165]: Kai-Wei Chang | Wen-tau Yih | Bishan Yang | Christopher Meek


Pdf Export Search CPN-CORE: A Text Semantic Similarity System Infused with Opinion Knowledge
[S13-1032]: Carmen Banea | Yoonjung Choi | Lingjia Deng | Samer Hassan | Michael Mohler | Bishan Yang | Claire Cardie | Rada Mihalcea | Jan Wiebe

Pdf Export Search Joint Inference for Fine-grained Opinion Extraction
[P13-1161]: Bishan Yang | Claire Cardie


Pdf Export Search Extracting Opinion Expressions with semi-Markov Conditional Random Fields
[D12-1122]: Bishan Yang | Claire Cardie