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Pdf rev Pdf Export Search Points, Paths, and Playscapes: Large-scale Spatial Language Understanding Tasks Set in the Real World
[W18-1406]: Jason Baldridge | Tania Bedrax-Weiss | Daphne Luong | Srini Narayanan | Bo Pang | Fernando Pereira | Radu Soricut | Michael Tseng | Yuan Zhang


Pdf Export Search Note The effect of wording on message propagation: Topic- and author-controlled natural experiments on Twitter
[P14-1017]: Chenhao Tan | Lillian Lee | Bo Pang

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 2014 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP)
[D14-1000]: Alessandro Moschitti | Bo Pang | Walter Daelemans


Pdf Export Search Spice it up? Mining Refinements to Online Instructions from User Generated Content
[P12-1057]: Gregory Druck | Bo Pang

Pdf Export Search Revisiting the Predictability of Language: Response Completion in Social Media
[D12-1136]: Bo Pang | Sujith Ravi


Pdf Export Search Personalized Recommendation of User Comments via Factor Models
[D11-1053]: Deepak Agarwal | Bee-Chung Chen | Bo Pang

Pdf Export Search Search in the Lost Sense of ``Query'': Question Formulation in Web Search Queries and its Temporal Changes
[P11-2024]: Bo Pang | Ravi Kumar


Pdf Export Search For the sake of simplicity: Unsupervised extraction of lexical simplifications from Wikipedia
[N10-1056]: Mark Yatskar | Bo Pang | Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil | Lillian Lee


Pdf Export Search For a few dollars less: Identifying review pages sans human labels
[N09-1056]: Luciano Barbosa | Ravi Kumar | Bo Pang | Andrew Tomkins

Pdf Export Search Matching Reviews to Objects using a Language Model
[D09-1064]: Nilesh Dalvi | Ravi Kumar | Bo Pang | Andrew Tomkins


Pdf Export Search Introduction to Computational Advertising
[P08-5001]: Evgeniy Gabrilovich | Vanja Josifovski | Bo Pang

Pdf Export Search Using Very Simple Statistics for Review Search: An Exploration
[C08-2019]: Bo Pang | Lillian Lee


Pdf Export Search Get out the vote: Determining support or opposition from Congressional floor-debate transcripts
[W06-1639]: Matt Thomas | Bo Pang | Lillian Lee


Pdf Export Search Seeing Stars: Exploiting Class Relationships for Sentiment Categorization with Respect to Rating Scales
[P05-1015]: Bo Pang | Lillian Lee


Pdf Export Search A Sentimental Education: Sentiment Analysis Using Subjectivity Summarization Based on Minimum Cuts
[P04-1035]: Bo Pang | Lillian Lee


Pdf Export Search Syntax-based Alignment of Multiple Translations: Extracting Paraphrases and Generating New Sentences
[N03-1024]: Bo Pang | Kevin Knight | Daniel Marcu


Pdf Export Search Thumbs up? Sentiment Classification using Machine Learning Techniques
[W02-1011]: Bo Pang | Lillian Lee | Shivakumar Vaithyanathan