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Pdf Export Search Lexical Conceptual Structure of Literal and Metaphorical Spatial Language: A Case Study of “Push”
[W18-1404]: Bonnie Dorr | Mari Olsen

Pdf Export Search The Case for Systematically Derived Spatial Language Usage
[W18-1408]: Bonnie Dorr | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search STYLUS: A Resource for Systematically Derived Language Usage
[W18-3808]: Bonnie Dorr | Clare Voss


Pdf Export Search Characterization of Divergence in Impaired Speech of ALS Patients
[W17-2318]: Archna Bhatia | Bonnie Dorr | Kristy Hollingshead | Samuel L. Phillips | Barbara McKenzie


Pdf Export Search Statistical Modality Tagging from Rule-based Annotations and Crowdsourcing
[W12-3807]: Vinodkumar Prabhakaran | Michael Bloodgood | Mona Diab | Bonnie Dorr | Lori Levin | Christine D. Piatko | Owen Rambow | Benjamin Van Durme


Pdf Export Search A Modality Lexicon and its use in Automatic Tagging
[L10-1309]: Kathrin Baker | Michael Bloodgood | Bonnie Dorr | Nathaniel W. Filardo | Lori Levin | Christine Piatko

Pdf Export Search Putting the User in the Loop: Interactive Maximal Marginal Relevance for Query-Focused Summarization
[N10-1041]: Jimmy Lin | Nitin Madnani | Bonnie Dorr


Pdf Export Search Using Citations to Generate surveys of Scientific Paradigms
[N09-1066]: Saif Mohammad | Bonnie Dorr | Melissa Egan | Ahmed Hassan | Pradeep Muthukrishan | Vahed Qazvinian | Dragomir Radev | David Zajic

Pdf Export Search Fluency, Adequacy, or HTER? Exploring Different Human Judgments with a Tunable MT Metric
[W09-0441]: Matthew Snover | Nitin Madnani | Bonnie Dorr | Richard Schwartz

Pdf Export Search Generating High-Coverage Semantic Orientation Lexicons From Overtly Marked Words and a Thesaurus
[D09-1063]: Saif Mohammad | Cody Dunne | Bonnie Dorr


Pdf Export Search Language and Translation Model Adaptation using Comparable Corpora
[D08-1090]: Matthew Snover | Bonnie Dorr | Richard Schwartz

Pdf Export Search Computing Word-Pair Antonymy
[D08-1103]: Saif Mohammad | Bonnie Dorr | Graeme Hirst

Pdf Export Search The ACL Anthology Reference Corpus: A Reference Dataset for Bibliographic Research in Computational Linguistics
[L08-1005]: Steven Bird | Robert Dale | Bonnie Dorr | Bryan Gibson | Mark Joseph | Min-Yen Kan | Dongwon Lee | Brett Powley | Dragomir Radev | Yee Fan Tan


Pdf Export Search Combining Outputs from Multiple Machine Translation Systems
[N07-1029]: Antti-Veikko Rosti | Necip Fazil Ayan | Bing Xiang | Spyros Matsoukas | Richard Schwartz | Bonnie Dorr

Pdf Export Search Using Paraphrases for Parameter Tuning in Statistical Machine Translation
[W07-0716]: Nitin Madnani | Necip Fazil Ayan | Philip Resnik | Bonnie Dorr

Pdf Export Search Measuring Variability in Sentence Ordering for News Summarization
[W07-2312]: Nitin Madnani | Rebecca Passonneau | Necip Fazil Ayan | John Conroy | Bonnie Dorr | Judith Klavans | Dianne O’Leary | Judith Schlesinger


Pdf Export Search A Methodology for Extrinsic Evaluation of Text Summarization: Does ROUGE Correlate?
[W05-0901]: Bonnie Dorr | Christof Monz | Stacy President | Richard Schwartz | David Zajic

Pdf Export Search Frame Semantic Enhancement of Lexical-Semantic Resources
[W05-1007]: Rebecca Green | Bonnie Dorr


Pdf Export Search A Lexically-Driven Algorithm for Disfluency Detection
[N04-4040]: Matthew Snover | Bonnie Dorr | Richard Schwartz

Pdf Export Search Identification of Confusable Drug Names: A New Approach and Evaluation Methodology
[C04-1137]: Grzegorz Kondrak | Bonnie Dorr

Pdf Export Search Inducing a semantic frame lexicon from WordNet data
[W04-0909]: Rebecca Green | Bonnie Dorr


Pdf Export Search A Categorial Variation Database for English
[N03-1013]: Nizar Habash | Bonnie Dorr

Pdf Export Search Desparately Seeking Cebuano
[N03-2026]: Douglas W. Oard | David Doermann | Bonnie Dorr | Daqing He | Philip Resnik | Amy Weinberg | William Byrne | Sanjeev Khudanpur | David Yarowsky | Anton Leuski | Philipp Koehn | Kevin Knight

Pdf Export Search Hedge Trimmer: A Parse-and-Trim Approach to Headline Generation
[W03-0501]: Bonnie Dorr | David Zajic | Richard Schwartz


Pdf Export Search Parameterization of the Interlingua in Machine Translation
[C92-2094]: Bonnie Dorr


[P90-1017]: Bonnie Dorr