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Pdf Export Search Learning the Curriculum with Bayesian Optimization for Task-Specific Word Representation Learning
[P16-1013]: Yulia Tsvetkov | Manaal Faruqui | Wang Ling | Brian MacWhinney | Chris Dyer


Pdf Export Search Two Approaches to Metaphor Detection
[L14-1359]: Brian MacWhinney | Davida Fromm

Pdf Export Search Resources for the Detection of Conventionalized Metaphors in Four Languages
[L14-1387]: Lori Levin | Teruko Mitamura | Brian MacWhinney | Davida Fromm | Jaime Carbonell | Weston Feely | Robert Frederking | Anatole Gershman | Carlos Ramirez


Pdf Export Search Morphosyntactic Analysis of the CHILDES and TalkBank Corpora
[L12-1353]: Brian MacWhinney

Pdf Export Search A Morphologically Annotated Hebrew CHILDES Corpus
[W12-0904]: Aviad Albert | Brian MacWhinney | Bracha Nir | Shuly Wintner


Pdf Export Search A Morphologically-Analyzed CHILDES Corpus of Hebrew
[L10-1112]: Bracha Nir | Brian MacWhinney | Shuly Wintner


Pdf Export Search Phon 1.2: A Computational Basis for Phonological Database Elaboration and Model Testing
[W07-0603]: Yvan Rose | Gregory Hedlund | Rod Byrne | Todd Wareham | Brian MacWhinney

Pdf Export Search High-accuracy Annotation and Parsing of CHILDES Transcripts
[W07-0604]: Kenji Sagae | Eric Davis | Alon Lavie | Brian MacWhinney | Shuly Wintner


Pdf Export Search Item Based Constructions and the Logical Problem
[W05-0507]: Brian MacWhinney

Pdf Export Search Automatic Measurement of Syntactic Development in Child Language
[P05-1025]: Kenji Sagae | Alon Lavie | Brian MacWhinney


Pdf Export Search Collaborative Commentary: Opening Up Spoken Language Databases
[L04-1004]: Brian MacWhinney

Pdf Export Search Talkbank: Building an Open Unified Multimodal Database of Communicative Interaction
[L04-1224]: Brian MacWhinney | Steven Bird | Christopher Cieri | Craig Martell

Pdf Export Search Adding Syntactic Annotations to Transcripts of Parent-Child Dialogs
[L04-1484]: Kenji Sagae | Brian MacWhinney | Alon Lavie