Pdf Export Search A Database for Measuring Linguistic Information Content
[L14-1397]: Richard Sproat | Bruno Cartoni | HyunJeong Choe | David Huynh | Linne Ha | Ravindran Rajakumar | Evelyn Wenzel-Grondie


Pdf Export Search The Trilingual ALLEGRA Corpus: Presentation and Possible Use for Lexicon Induction
[L12-1400]: Yves Scherrer | Bruno Cartoni

Pdf Export Search Extracting Directional and Comparable Corpora from a Multilingual Corpus for Translation Studies
[L12-1050]: Bruno Cartoni | Thomas Meyer

Pdf Export Search Discourse-level Annotation over Europarl for Machine Translation: Connectives and Pronouns
[L12-1103]: Andrei Popescu-Belis | Thomas Meyer | Jeevanthi Liyanapathirana | Bruno Cartoni | Sandrine Zufferey


Pdf Export Search How Comparable are Parallel Corpora? Measuring the Distribution of General Vocabulary and Connectives
[W11-1211]: Bruno Cartoni | Sandrine Zufferey | Thomas Meyer | Andrei Popescu-Belis

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Annotation and Disambiguation of Discourse Connectives for Machine Translation
[W11-2022]: Thomas Meyer | Andrei Popescu-Belis | Sandrine Zufferey | Bruno Cartoni


Pdf Export Search The MuLeXFoR Database: Representing Word-Formation Processes in a Multilingual Lexicographic Environment
[L10-1161]: Bruno Cartoni | Marie-Aude Lefer

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automated Extension of a Specialized Medical Lexicon for French
[L10-1288]: Bruno Cartoni | Pierre Zweigenbaum


Pdf Export Search Lexical Morphology in Machine Translation: A Feasibility Study
[E09-1016]: Bruno Cartoni


Pdf Export Search Lexical Resources for Automatic Translation of Constructed Neologisms: the Case Study of Relational Adjectives
[L08-1534]: Bruno Cartoni


Pdf Export Search Automatisation of the Activity of Term Collection in Different Languages
[L04-1191]: Bruno Cartoni | Pierrette Bouillon | Yalina Alphonse | Sabine Lehmann

Pdf Export Search Semi-Automatic Derivation of a French Lexicon from CLIPS
[L04-1312]: Nilda Ruimy | Pierrette Bouillon | Bruno Cartoni