Pdf Export Search “Fingers in the Nose”: Evaluating Speakers’ Identification of Multi-Word Expressions Using a Slightly Gamified Crowdsourcing Platform
[W18-4923]: Karën Fort | Bruno Guillaume | Matthieu Constant | Nicolas Lefèbvre | Yann-Alan Pilatte

Pdf Export Search SUD or Surface-Syntactic Universal Dependencies: An annotation scheme near-isomorphic to UD
[W18-6008]: Kim Gerdes | Bruno Guillaume | Sylvain Kahane | Guy Perrier


Pdf Export Search Enhanced UD Dependencies with Neutralized Diathesis Alternation
[W17-6507]: Marie Candito | Bruno Guillaume | Guy Perrier | Djamé Seddah


Pdf Export Search Crowdsourcing Complex Language Resources: Playing to Annotate Dependency Syntax
[C16-1286]: Bruno Guillaume | Karën Fort | Nicolas Lefebvre


Pdf Export Search Dependency Parsing with Graph Rewriting
[W15-2204]: Bruno Guillaume | Guy Perrier


Pdf Export Search Deep Syntax Annotation of the Sequoia French Treebank
[L14-1410]: Marie Candito | Guy Perrier | Bruno Guillaume | Corentin Ribeyre | Karën Fort | Djamé Seddah | Eric de la Clergerie

Pdf Export Search Mapping the Lexique des Verbes du Français (Lexicon of French Verbs) to a NLP lexicon using examples
[L14-1486]: Bruno Guillaume | Karën Fort | Guy Perrier | Paul Bédaride

Pdf Export Search Annotation scheme for deep dependency syntax of French (Un schéma d’annotation en dépendances syntaxiques profondes pour le français) [in French]
[F14-2031]: Guy Perrier | Marie Candito | Bruno Guillaume | Corentin Ribeyre | Karën Fort | Djamé Seddah

Pdf Export Search ZOMBILINGO: eating heads to perform dependency syntax annotation (ZOMBILINGO : manger des têtes pour annoter en syntaxe de dépendances) [in French]
[F14-3006]: Karën Fort | Bruno Guillaume | Valentin Stern


Pdf Export Search Formalizing an annotation guide : some experiments towards assisted agile annotation (Expériences de formalisation d’un guide d’annotation : vers l’annotation agile assistée) [in French]
[F13-2016]: Bruno Guillaume | Karën Fort


Pdf Export Search Annotation sémantique du French Treebank à l’aide de la réécriture modulaire de graphes (Semantic Annotation of the French Treebank using Modular Graph Rewriting) [in French]
[F12-2022]: Bruno Guillaume | Guy Perrier

Pdf Export Search Grew : un outil de réécriture de graphes pour le TAL (Grew: a Graph Rewriting Tool for NLP) [in French]
[F12-5001]: Bruno Guillaume | Guillame Bonfante | Paul Masson | Mathieu Morey | Guy Perrier


Pdf Export Search Modular Graph Rewriting to Compute Semantics
[W11-0108]: Guillaume Bonfante | Bruno Guillaume | Mathieu Morey | Guy Perrier


Pdf Export Search Interaction Grammar for the Persian Language: Noun and Adjectival Phrases
[W09-3416]: Masood Ghayoomi | Bruno Guillaume

Pdf Export Search Dependency Constraints for Lexical Disambiguation
[W09-3840]: Guillaume Bonfante | Bruno Guillaume | Mathieu Morey


Pdf Export Search A Toolchain for Grammarians
[C08-3003]: Bruno Guillaume | Joseph Le Roux | Jonathan Marchand | Guy Perrier | Karën Fort | Jennifer Planul


Pdf Export Search PrepLex: A Lexicon of French Prepositions for Parsing
[W07-1603]: Karën Fort | Bruno Guillaume


Pdf Export Search Polarization and abstraction of grammatical formalisms as methods for lexical disambiguation
[C04-1044]: Guillaume Bonfante | Bruno Guillaume | Guy Perrier