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Pdf Export Search Chat,Chunk and Topic in Casual Conversation
[W18-4705]: Emer Gilmartin | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search CRF-Seq and CRF-DepTree at PARSEME Shared Task 2018: Detecting Verbal MWEs using Sequential and Dependency-Based Approaches
[W18-4926]: Erwan Moreau | Ashjan Alsulaimani | Alfredo Maldonado | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search Just Talking - Modelling Casual Conversation
[W18-5006]: Emer Gilmartin | Christian Saam | Carl Vogel | Nick Campbell | Vincent Wade

Pdf Export Search Multilingual Word Segmentation: Training Many Language-Specific Tokenizers Smoothly Thanks to the Universal Dependencies Corpus
[L18-1180]: Erwan Moreau | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search Chats and Chunks: Annotation and Analysis of Multiparty Long Casual Conversations
[L18-1309]: Emer Gilmartin | Carl Vogel | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search Modeling Collaborative Multimodal Behavior in Group Dialogues: The MULTISIMO Corpus
[L18-1466]: Maria Koutsombogera | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search Speech Rate Calculations with Short Utterances: A Study from a Speech-to-Speech, Machine Translation Mediated Map Task
[L18-1502]: Akira Hayakawa | Carl Vogel | Saturnino Luz | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search A Diachronic Corpus for Literary Style Analysis
[L18-1552]: Carmen Klaussner | Carl Vogel


Pdf Export Search Detection of Verbal Multi-Word Expressions via Conditional Random Fields with Syntactic Dependency Features and Semantic Re-Ranking
[W17-1715]: Alfredo Maldonado | Lifeng Han | Erwan Moreau | Ashjan Alsulaimani | Koel Dutta Chowdhury | Carl Vogel | Qun Liu

Pdf Export Search Towards efficient string processing of annotated events
[W17-7414]: David Woods | Tim Fernando | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search ADAPT Centre Cone Team at IJCNLP-2017 Task 5: A Similarity-Based Logistic Regression Approach to Multi-choice Question Answering in an Examinations Shared Task
[I17-4010]: Daria Dzendzik | Alberto Poncelas | Carl Vogel | Qun Liu


Pdf Export Search Temporal Forces and Type Coercion in Strings
[W15-4808]: Derek Kelleher | Tim Fernando | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search A hedging annotation scheme focused on epistemic phrases for informal language
[W15-0302]: Liliana Mamani Sanchez | Carl Vogel


Pdf Export Search Limitations of MT Quality Estimation Supervised Systems: The Tails Prediction Problem
[C14-1208]: Erwan Moreau | Carl Vogel


Pdf Export Search Finite State Temporality and Context-Free Languages
[W13-0206]: Derek Kelleher | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search Laugher and Topic Transition in Multiparty Conversation
[W13-4045]: Emer Gilmartin | Francesca Bonin | Carl Vogel | Nick Campbell

Pdf Export Search IMHO: An Exploratory Study of Hedging in Web Forums
[W13-4046]: Liliana Mamani Sanchez | Carl Vogel


Pdf Export Search Towards the Automatic Detection of the Source Language of a Literary Translation.
[C12-2076]: Gerard Lynch | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search A Naive Bayes classifier for automatic correction of preposition and determiner errors in ESL text
[W12-2030]: Gerard Lynch | Erwan Moreau | Carl Vogel

Pdf Export Search Quality Estimation: an experimental study using unsupervised similarity measures
[W12-3114]: Erwan Moreau | Carl Vogel


Pdf Export Search Exploiting CCG Structures with Tree Kernels for Speculation Detection
[W10-3018]: Liliana Mamani Sánchez | Baoli Li | Carl Vogel


Pdf Export Search Exploring Multilingual Semantic Role Labeling
[W09-1211]: Baoli Li | Martin Emms | Saturnino Luz | Carl Vogel


Pdf Export Search Cross-Serial Dependencies Are Not Hard to Process
[C96-1028]: Carl Vogel | Ulrike Hahn | Holly Branigan