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Pdf Export Search Survey: Computational Sociolinguistics: A Survey
[J16-3007]: Dong Nguyen | A. Seza Doğruöz | Carolyn P. Rosé | Franciska de Jong


Pdf Export Search What’s in a Domain? Multi-Domain Learning for Multi-Attribute Data
[N13-1080]: Mahesh Joshi | Mark Dredze | William W. Cohen | Carolyn P. Rosé


Pdf Export Search Author Age Prediction from Text using Linear Regression
[W11-1515]: Dong Nguyen | Noah A. Smith | Carolyn P. Rosé

Pdf Export Search Modeling of Stylistic Variation in Social Media with Stretchy Patterns
[W11-2606]: Philip Gianfortoni | David Adamson | Carolyn P. Rosé


Pdf Export Search Making Conversational Structure Explicit: Identification of Initiation-response Pairs within Online Discussions
[N10-1097]: Yi-Chia Wang | Carolyn P. Rosé

Pdf Export Search Engaging learning groups using Social Interaction Strategies
[N10-1098]: Rohit Kumar | Carolyn P. Rosé


Pdf Export Search Identifying Types of Claims in Online Customer Reviews
[N09-2010]: Shilpa Arora | Mahesh Joshi | Carolyn P. Rosé

Pdf Export Search Evaluating the Syntactic Transformations in Gold Standard Corpora for Statistical Sentence Compression
[N09-2037]: Naman K. Gupta | Sourish Chaudhuri | Carolyn P. Rosé

Pdf Export Search Building Conversational Agents with Basilica
[N09-5002]: Rohit Kumar | Carolyn P. Rosé | Michael J. Witbrock

Pdf Export Search Estimating Annotation Cost for Active Learning in a Multi-Annotator Environment
[W09-1903]: Shilpa Arora | Eric Nyberg | Carolyn P. Rosé


Pdf Export Search SIDE: The Summarization Integrated Development Environment
[P08-4007]: Moonyoung Kang | Sourish Chaudhuri | Mahesh Joshi | Carolyn P. Rosé


Pdf Export Search Backbone Extraction and Pruning for Speeding Up a Deep Parser for Dialogue Systems
[W06-3502]: Myroslava O. Dzikovska | Carolyn P. Rosé


Pdf Export Search A Comparison of Tutor and Student Behavior in Speech Versus Text Based Tutoring
[W03-0205]: Carolyn P. Rosé | Diane Litman | Dumisizwe Bhembe | Kate Forbes | Scott Silliman | Ramesh Srivastava | Kurt VanLehn

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Text Classification Approach for Analysis of Student Essays
[W03-0210]: Carolyn P. Rosé | Antonio Roque | Dumisizwe Bhembe | Kurt VanLehn