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Pdf Export Search Medication and Adverse Event Extraction from Noisy Text
[U17-1009]: Xiang Dai | Sarvnaz Karimi | Cécile Paris


Pdf Export Search Ranking election issues through the lens of social media
[W15-3707]: Stephen Wan | Cécile Paris


Pdf Export Search Automatic Prediction of Evidence-based Recommendations via Sentence-level Polarity Classification
[I13-1084]: Abeed Sarker | Diego Mollá-Aliod | Cécile Paris


Pdf Export Search Designing a Citation-Sensitive Research Tool: An Initial Study of Browsing-Specific Information Needs
[W09-3606]: Stephen Wan | Cécile Paris | Michael Muthukrishna | Robert Dale

Pdf Export Search Segmenting Email Message Text into Zones
[D09-1096]: Andrew Lampert | Robert Dale | Cécile Paris

Pdf Export Search Improving Grammaticality in Statistical Sentence Generation: Introducing a Dependency Spanning Tree Algorithm with an Argument Satisfaction Model
[E09-1097]: Stephen Wan | Mark Dras | Robert Dale | Cécile Paris


Pdf Export Search In-Browser Summarisation: Generating Elaborative Summaries Biased Towards the Reading Context
[P08-2033]: Stephen Wan | Cécile Paris

Pdf Export Search Generation under Space Constraints
[C08-2020]: Cécile Paris | Nathalie Colineau | Andrew Lampert | Joan Giralt Duran


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Fourth International Natural Language Generation Conference
[W06-1400]: Nathalie Colineau | Cécile Paris | Stephen Wan | Robert Dale

Pdf Export Search Evaluations of NLG Systems: Common Corpus and Tasks or Common Dimensions and Metrics?
[W06-1419]: Cécile Paris | Nathalie Colineau | Ross Wilkinson


Pdf Export Search Towards Statistical Paraphrase Generation: Preliminary Evaluations of Grammaticality
[I05-5012]: Stephen Wan | Mark Dras | Robert Dale | Cécile Paris


Pdf Export Search Using Thematic Information in Statistical Headline Generation
[W03-1202]: Stephen Wan | Mark Dras | Cécile Paris | Robert Dale


Pdf Export Search DRAFTER
[W96-0504]: Cécile Paris | Keith Vander Linden