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Pdf Export Search Shot Or Not: Comparison of NLP Approaches for Vaccination Behaviour Detection
[W18-5911]: Aditya Joshi | Xiang Dai | Sarvnaz Karimi | Ross Sparks | Cecile Paris | C Raina MacIntyre

Pdf Export Search Presentation Cross-Target Stance Classification with Self-Attention Networks
[P18-2123]: Chang Xu | Cecile Paris | Surya Nepal | Ross Sparks

Pdf Export Search UniMelb at SemEval-2018 Task 12: Generative Implication using LSTMs, Siamese Networks and Semantic Representations with Synonym Fuzzing
[S18-1190]: Anirudh Joshi | Tim Baldwin | Richard O. Sinnott | Cecile Paris


Pdf Export Search Demographic Inference on Twitter using Recursive Neural Networks
[P17-2075]: Sunghwan Mac Kim | Qiongkai Xu | Lizhen Qu | Stephen Wan | Cecile Paris


Pdf Export Search The Role of Features and Context on Suicide Ideation Detection
[U16-1010]: Yufei Wang | Stephen Wan | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search MuTUAL: A Controlled Authoring Support System Enabling Contextual Machine Translation
[C16-2008]: Rei Miyata | Anthony Hartley | Kyo Kageura | Cecile Paris | Masao Utiyama | Eiichiro Sumita

Pdf Export Search Data61-CSIRO systems at the CLPsych 2016 Shared Task
[W16-0313]: Sunghwan Mac Kim | Yufei Wang | Stephen Wan | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search The Effects of Data Collection Methods in Twitter
[W16-5611]: Sunghwan Mac Kim | Stephen Wan | Cecile Paris | Jin Brian | Bella Robinson

Pdf Export Search Detecting Social Roles in Twitter
[W16-6206]: Sunghwan Mac Kim | Stephen Wan | Cecile Paris


Pdf Export Search A Study: From Electronic Laboratory Notebooks to Generated Queries for Literature Recommendation
[U13-1009]: Oldooz Dianat | Cecile Paris | Stephen Wan


Pdf Export Search Unifying Local and Global Agreement and Disagreement Classification in Online Debates
[W12-3710]: Jie Yin | Nalin Narang | Paul Thomas | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search Towards Two-step Multi-document Summarisation for Evidence Based Medicine: A Quantitative Analysis
[U12-1011]: Abeed Sarker | Diego Mollá-Aliod | Cecile Paris


Pdf Export Search Outcome Polarity Identification of Medical Papers
[U11-1014]: Abeed Sarker | Diego Molla | Cecile Paris


Pdf Export Search Detecting Emails Containing Requests for Action
[N10-1142]: Andrew Lampert | Robert Dale | Cecile Paris


Pdf Export Search Seed and Grow: Augmenting Statistically Generated Summary Sentences using Schematic Word Patterns
[D08-1057]: Stephen Wan | Robert Dale | Mark Dras | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search Requests and Commitments in Email are More Complex Than You Think: Eight Reasons to be Cautious
[U08-1009]: Andrew Lampert | Robert Dale | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search Fit it in but say it well!
[U08-1017]: Cecile Paris | Nathalie Colineau | Andrew Lampert | Joan Giralt Duran


Pdf Export Search Classifying Speech Acts using Verbal Response Modes
[U06-1007]: Andrew Lampert | Robert Dale | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search Pseudo Relevance Feedback Using Named Entities for Question Answering
[U06-1013]: Luiz Augusto Pizzato | Diego Molla | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search Using Dependency-Based Features to Take the ’Para-farce’ out of Paraphrase
[U06-1019]: Stephen Wan | Mark Dras | Robert Dale | Cecile Paris


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Australasian Language Technology Workshop 2004
[U04-1000]: Ash Asudeh | Cecile Paris | Stephen Wan

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation on Query-biased Summarisation for the Question Answering Task
[U04-1005]: Mingfang Wu | Ross Wilkinson | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search Information Assembly for Automatic Content Adaptation
[U04-1009]: Andrew Lampert | Cecile Paris

Pdf Export Search Intelligent Multi Media Presentation of information in a semi-immersive Command and Control environment
[U04-1012]: Cecile Paris | Nathalie Colineau | Dominique Estival


Pdf Export Search Straight to the point: Discovering themes for summary generation
[U03-1012]: Stephen Wan | Mark Dras | Cecile Paris | Robert Dale


Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Procedural Instructional Text
[W02-2117]: Nathalie Colineau | Cecile Paris | Keith Vander Linden


Pdf Export Search Building Knowledge Bases for the Generation of Software Documentation
[C96-2124]: Cecile Paris | Keith Vander Linden

Pdf Export Search Two Sources of Control Over the Generation of Software Instructions
[P96-1026]: Anthony Hartley | Cecile Paris


Pdf Export Search Expressing Procedural Relationships in Multilingual Instructions
[W94-0308]: Judy Delin | Anthony Hartley | Cecile Paris | Donia Scott | Keith Vander Linden


Pdf Export Search On the Necessity of Intentions and the Usefulness of Rhetorical Relations: A Position Paper
[W93-0224]: Vibhu Mittal | Cecile Paris