Pdf Export Search Note Model Architectures for Quotation Detection
[P16-1164]: Christian Scheible | Roman Klinger | Sebastian Padó


Pdf Export Search Multilingual Reliability and "Semantic" Structure of Continuous Word Spaces
[W15-0105]: Maximilian Köper | Christian Scheible | Sabine Schulte im Walde


Pdf Export Search Picking the Amateur's Mind - Predicting Chess Player Strength from Game Annotations
[C14-1031]: Christian Scheible | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search Multi-Domain Sentiment Relevance Classification with Automatic Representation Learning
[E14-4039]: Christian Scheible | Hinrich Schütze


Pdf Export Search The Topology of Semantic Knowledge
[D13-1063]: Jimmy Dubuisson | Jean-Pierre Eckmann | Christian Scheible | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Relevance
[P13-1094]: Christian Scheible | Hinrich Schütze


Pdf Export Search Bootstrapping Sentiment Labels For Unannotated Documents With Polarity PageRank
[L12-1012]: Christian Scheible | Hinrich Schütze


Pdf Export Search Active Learning with Amazon Mechanical Turk
[D11-1143]: Florian Laws | Christian Scheible | Hinrich Schütze


Pdf Export Search A Linguistically Grounded Graph Model for Bilingual Lexicon Extraction
[C10-2070]: Florian Laws | Lukas Michelbacher | Beate Dorow | Christian Scheible | Ulrich Heid | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Translation through Multi-Edge Graphs
[C10-2127]: Christian Scheible | Florian Laws | Lukas Michelbacher | Hinrich Schütze

Pdf Export Search An Evaluation of Predicate Argument Clustering using Pseudo-Disambiguation
[L10-1139]: Christian Scheible

Pdf Export Search Sentiment Translation through Lexicon Induction
[P10-3005]: Christian Scheible


Pdf Export Search A Graph-Theoretic Algorithm for Automatic Extension of Translation Lexicons
[W09-0212]: Beate Dorow | Florian Laws | Lukas Michelbacher | Christian Scheible | Jason Utt


Pdf Export Search Combining EM Training and the MDL Principle for an Automatic Verb Classification Incorporating Selectional Preferences
[P08-1057]: Sabine Schulte im Walde | Christian Hying | Christian Scheible | Helmut Schmid