Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC-2018)
[L18-1000]: Nicoletta Calzolari | Khalid Choukri | Christopher Cieri | Thierry Declerck | Koiti Hasida | Hitoshi Isahara | Bente Maegaard | Joseph Mariani | Asuncion Moreno | Jan Odijk | Stelios Piperidis | Takenobu Tokunaga | Sara Goggi | Hélène Mazo

Pdf Export Search Introducing NIEUW: Novel Incentives and Workflows for Eliciting Linguistic Data
[L18-1024]: Christopher Cieri | James Fiumara | Mark Liberman | Chris Callison-Burch | Jonathan Wright

Pdf Export Search From ‘Solved Problems’ to New Challenges: A Report on LDC Activities
[L18-1516]: Christopher Cieri | Mark Liberman | Stephanie Strassel | Denise DiPersio | Jonathan Wright | Andrea Mazzucchi


Pdf Export Search Exploring Autism Spectrum Disorders Using HLT
[W16-0308]: Julia Parish-Morris | Mark Liberman | Neville Ryant | Christopher Cieri | Leila Bateman | Emily Ferguson | Robert Schultz


Pdf Export Search New Directions for Language Resource Development and Distribution
[L14-1154]: Christopher Cieri | Denise DiPersio | Mark Liberman | Andrea Mazzucchi | Stephanie Strassel | Jonathan Wright

Pdf Export Search The Language Application Grid
[L14-1706]: Nancy Ide | James Pustejovsky | Christopher Cieri | Eric Nyberg | Di Wang | Keith Suderman | Marc Verhagen | Jonathan Wright

Pdf Export Search Facing the Identification Problem in Language-Related Scientific Data Analysis.
[L14-1717]: Joseph Mariani | Christopher Cieri | Gil Francopoulo | Patrick Paroubek | Marine Delaborde

Pdf Export Search Developing a Framework for Describing Relations among Language Resources
[L14-1735]: Penny Labropoulou | Christopher Cieri | Maria Gavrilidou

Pdf Export Search Intellectual Property Rights Management with Web Service Grids
[W14-5211]: Christopher Cieri | Denise DiPersio


Pdf Export Search LDC Language Resource Database: Building a Bibliographic Database
[L12-1549]: Eleftheria Ahtaridis | Christopher Cieri | Denise DiPersio

Pdf Export Search Twenty Years of Language Resource Development and Distribution: A Progress Report on LDC Activities
[L12-1659]: Christopher Cieri | Marian Reed | Denise DiPersio | Mark Liberman


Pdf Export Search A Very Large Scale Mandarin Chinese Broadcast Corpus for GALE Project
[L10-1452]: Yi Liu | Pascale Fung | Yongsheng Yang | Denise DiPersio | Meghan Glenn | Strassel Stephanie | Christopher Cieri

Pdf Export Search Greybeard Longitudinal Speech Study
[L10-1543]: Linda Brandschain | David Graff | Christopher Cieri | Kevin Walker | Chris Caruso | Abby Neely

Pdf Export Search A Road Map for Interoperable Language Resource Metadata
[L10-1642]: Christopher Cieri | Khalid Choukri | Nicoletta Calzolari | D. Terence Langendoen | Johannes Leveling | Martha Palmer | Nancy Ide | James Pustejovsky

Pdf Export Search Adapting to Trends in Language Resource Development: A Progress Report on LDC Activities
[L10-1645]: Christopher Cieri | Mark Liberman


Pdf Export Search Basic Language Resources for Diverse Asian Languages: A Streamlined Approach for Resource Creation
[W09-3408]: Heather Simpson | Kazuaki Maeda | Christopher Cieri


Pdf Export Search The Linguistic Data Consortium Member Survey: Purpose, Execution and Results
[L08-1006]: Marian Reed | Denise DiPersio | Christopher Cieri

Pdf Export Search 15 Years of Language Resource Creation and Sharing: a Progress Report on LDC Activities
[L08-1066]: Christopher Cieri | Mark Liberman

Pdf Export Search Bridging the Gap between Linguists and Technology Developers: Large-Scale, Sociolinguistic Annotation for Dialect and Speaker Recognition
[L08-1103]: Christopher Cieri | Stephanie Strassel | Meghan Glenn | Reva Schwartz | Wade Shen | Joseph Campbell

Pdf Export Search Speaker Recognition: Building the Mixer 4 and 5 Corpora
[L08-1104]: Linda Brandschain | Christopher Cieri | David Graff | Abby Neely | Kevin Walker


Pdf Export Search Talkbank: Building an Open Unified Multimodal Database of Communicative Interaction
[L04-1224]: Brian MacWhinney | Steven Bird | Christopher Cieri | Craig Martell

Pdf Export Search The Fisher Corpus: a Resource for the Next Generations of Speech-to-Text
[L04-1500]: Christopher Cieri | David Miller | Kevin Walker

Pdf Export Search The Mixer Corpus of Multilingual, Multichannel Speaker Recognition Data
[L04-1502]: Christopher Cieri | Joseph P. Campbell | Hirotaka Nakasone | David Miller | Kevin Walker

Pdf Export Search A Progress Report from the Linguistic Data Consortium: Recent Activities in Resource Creation and Distribution and the Development of Tools and Standards
[L04-1515]: Christopher Cieri | Mark Liberman


Pdf Export Search Language Resource Creation and Distribution at the Linguistic Data Consortium: A Progress Report.
[L02-1245]: Christopher Cieri | Mark Liberman

Pdf Export Search TIDES Language Resources: A Resource Map for Translingual Information Access.
[L02-1291]: Christopher Cieri | Mark Liberman

Pdf Export Search The DASL Project: a Case Study in Data Re-Annotation and Re-Use.
[L02-1300]: Christopher Cieri | Stephanie Strassel


Pdf Export Search Issues in Corpus Creation and Distribution: The Evolution of the Linguistic Data Consortium
[L00-1157]: Christopher Cieri | Mark Liberman

Pdf Export Search Large, Multilingual, Broadcast News Corpora for Cooperative Research in Topic Detection and Tracking: The TDT-2 and TDT-3 Corpus Efforts
[L00-1158]: Christopher Cieri | David Graff | Mark Liberman | Nii Martey | Stephanie Strassel

Pdf Export Search Quality Control in Large Annotation Projects Involving Multiple Judges: The Case of the TDT Corpora
[L00-1160]: Stephanie Strassel | David Graff | Nii Martey | Christopher Cieri