Pdf Export Search Exploring Query Expansion for Entity Searches in PubMed
[W16-6114]: Chung-Chi Huang | Zhiyong Lu


Pdf Export Search Bilingual Keyword Extraction and its Educational Application
[W15-4407]: Chung-Chi Huang | Mei-Hua Chen | Ping-Che Yang


Pdf Export Search Cross-Lingual Information to the Rescue in Keyword Extraction
[P14-5001]: Chung-Chi Huang | Maxine Eskenazi | Jaime Carbonell | Lun-Wei Ku | Ping-Che Yang

Pdf Export Search A Keyword-based Monolingual Sentence Aligner in Text Simplification
[Y14-1062]: Chung-Chi Huang


Pdf Export Search Translating Collocation using Monolingual and Parallel Corpus
[O12-1024]: Ming-Zhuan Jiang | Tzu-Xi Yen | Chung-Chi Huang | Mei-Hua Chen | Jason S. Chang

Pdf Export Search PREFER: Using a Graph-Based Approach to Generate Paraphrases for Language Learning
[W12-2009]: Mei-Hua Chen | Shi-Ting Huang | Chung-Chi Huang | Hsien-Chin Liou | Jason S. Chang


Pdf Export Search 片語式機器翻譯中未知詞與落單字的問題探討 (Learning to Deal with the OOV Problem in Phrase-based MT System) [In Chinese]
[O11-1005]: Ming-Chuan Chiang | Chung-Chi Huang | "He,Ho-Ching" Yen | Shih-Ting Huang | Chun-Sheng Chang | Ping-Che Yang | Tsun Ku


Pdf Export Search Fertility-based Source-Language-biased Inversion Transduction Grammar for Word Alignment
[O09-3001]: Chung-Chi Huang | Jason S. Chang

Pdf Export Search A Thesaurus-Based Semantic Classification of English Collocations
[O09-5002]: Chung-Chi Huang | Kate H. Kao | Chiung-Hui Tseng | Jason S. Chang


Pdf Export Search Learning to Parse Bilingual Sentences Using Bilingual Corpus and Monolingual CFG
[O06-1021]: Chung-Chi Huang | Jason S. Chang