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Pdf Export Search Presentation Zero-Shot Transfer Learning for Event Extraction
[P18-1201]: Lifu Huang | Heng Ji | Kyunghyun Cho | Ido Dagan | Sebastian Riedel | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search ScoutBot: A Dialogue System for Collaborative Navigation
[P18-4016]: Stephanie M. Lukin | Felix Gervits | Cory Hayes | Pooja Moolchandani | Anton Leuski | John Rogers | Carlos Sanchez Amaro | Matthew Marge | Clare Voss | David Traum

Pdf Export Search The Case for Systematically Derived Spatial Language Usage
[W18-1408]: Bonnie Dorr | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search A Pipeline for Creative Visual Storytelling
[W18-1503]: Stephanie Lukin | Reginald Hobbs | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Challenges in Speech Recognition and Translation of High-Value Low-Density Polysynthetic Languages
[W18-1921]: Judith Klavans | John Morgan | Stephen LaRocca | Jeffrey Micher | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search STYLUS: A Resource for Systematically Derived Language Usage
[W18-3808]: Bonnie Dorr | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Can You Spot the Semantic Predicate in this Video?
[W18-4307]: Christopher Reale | Claire Bonial | Heesung Kwon | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Towards a Computational Lexicon for Moroccan Darija: Words, Idioms, and Constructions
[W18-4910]: Jamal Laoudi | Claire Bonial | Lucia Donatelli | Stephen Tratz | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Consequences and Factors of Stylistic Differences in Human-Robot Dialogue
[W18-5012]: Stephanie Lukin | Kimberly Pollard | Claire Bonial | Matthew Marge | Cassidy Henry | Ron Artstein | David Traum | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Incorporating Background Knowledge into Video Description Generation
[D18-1433]: Spencer Whitehead | Heng Ji | Mohit Bansal | Shih-Fu Chang | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Dialogue Structure Annotation for Multi-Floor Interaction
[L18-1017]: David Traum | Cassidy Henry | Stephanie Lukin | Ron Artstein | Felix Gervits | Kimberly Pollard | Claire Bonial | Su Lei | Clare Voss | Matthew Marge | Cory Hayes | Susan Hill


Pdf Export Search Poster Exploring Variation of Natural Human Commands to a Robot in a Collaborative Navigation Task
[W17-2808]: Matthew Marge | Claire Bonial | Ashley Foots | Cory Hayes | Cassidy Henry | Kimberly Pollard | Ron Artstein | Clare Voss | David Traum


Pdf Export Search Cross-media Event Extraction and Recommendation
[N16-3015]: Di Lu | Clare Voss | Fangbo Tao | Xiang Ren | Rachel Guan | Rostyslav Korolov | Tongtao Zhang | Dongang Wang | Hongzhi Li | Taylor Cassidy | Heng Ji | Shih-fu Chang | Jiawei Han | William Wallace | James Hendler | Mei Si | Lance Kaplan


Pdf Export Search Finding Romanized Arabic Dialect in Code-Mixed Tweets
[L14-1086]: Clare Voss | Stephen Tratz | Jamal Laoudi | Douglas Briesch

Pdf Export Search The Wisdom of Minority: Unsupervised Slot Filling Validation based on Multi-dimensional Truth-Finding
[C14-1149]: Dian Yu | Hongzhao Huang | Taylor Cassidy | Heng Ji | Chi Wang | Shi Zhi | Jiawei Han | Clare Voss | Malik Magdon-Ismail

Pdf Export Search Collaborative Exploration in Human-Robot Teams: What’s in their Corpora of Dialog, Video, & LIDAR Messages?
[W14-0207]: Clare Voss | Taylor Cassidy | Douglas Summer-Stay

Pdf Export Search Resumptive Pronoun Detection for Modern Standard Arabic to English MT
[W14-1008]: Stephen Tratz | Clare Voss | Jamal Laoudi

Pdf Export Search Joint Navigation in Commander/Robot Teams: Dialog & Task Performance When Vision is Bandwidth-Limited
[W14-5402]: Douglas Summers-Stay | Taylor Cassidy | Clare Voss


Pdf Export Search Tweet Conversation Annotation Tool with a Focus on an Arabic Dialect, Moroccan Darija
[W13-2317]: Stephen Tratz | Douglas Briesch | Jamal Laoudi | Clare Voss


Pdf Export Search Assessing Divergence Measures for Automated Document Routing in an Adaptive MT System
[L12-1502]: Claire Jaja | Douglas Briesch | Jamal Laoudi | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Tweet Ranking Based on Heterogeneous Networks
[C12-1076]: Hongzhao Huang | Arkaitz Zubiaga | Heng Ji | Hongbo Deng | Dong Wang | Hieu Le | Tarek Abdelzaher | Jiawei Han | Alice Leung | John Hancock | Clare Voss


Pdf Export Search Buckwalter-based Lookup Tool as Language Resource for Arabic Language Learners
[W08-0511]: Jeffrey Micher | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search MTriage: Web-enabled Software for the Creation, Machine Translation, and Annotation of Smart Documents
[L08-1588]: Reginald Hobbs | Jamal Laoudi | Clare Voss

Pdf Export Search Exploitation of an Arabic Language Resource for Machine Translation Evaluation: using Buckwalter-based Lookup Tool to Augment CMU Alignment Algorithm
[L08-1589]: Clare Voss | Jamal Laoudi | Jeffrey Micher


Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the ACL Workshop on Intrinsic and Extrinsic Evaluation Measures for Machine Translation and/or Summarization
[W05-0900]: Jade Goldstein | Alon Lavie | Chin-Yew Lin | Clare Voss