Pdf Export Search Identification of Bilingual Terms from Monolingual Documents for Statistical Machine Translation
[W14-4803]: Mihael Arcan | Claudio Giuliano | Marco Turchi | Paul Buitelaar


Pdf Export Search Outsourcing FrameNet to the Crowd
[P13-2130]: Marco Fossati | Claudio Giuliano | Sara Tonelli


Pdf Export Search Extending English ACE 2005 Corpus Annotation with Ground-truth Links to Wikipedia
[W10-3503]: Luisa Bentivogli | Pamela Forner | Claudio Giuliano | Alessandro Marchetti | Emanuele Pianta | Kateryna Tymoshenko

Pdf Export Search FBK-IRST: Semantic Relation Extraction Using Cyc
[S10-1047]: Kateryna Tymoshenko | Claudio Giuliano


Pdf Export Search Kernel Methods for Minimally Supervised WSD
[J09-4007]: Claudio Giuliano | Alfio Massimiliano Gliozzo | Carlo Strapparava

Pdf Export Search Fine-Grained Classification of Named Entities Exploiting Latent Semantic Kernels
[W09-1125]: Claudio Giuliano

Pdf Export Search Wikipedia as Frame Information Repository
[D09-1029]: Sara Tonelli | Claudio Giuliano


Pdf Export Search Instance-Based Ontology Population Exploiting Named-Entity Substitution
[C08-1034]: Claudio Giuliano | Alfio Gliozzo


Pdf Export Search Instance Based Lexical Entailment for Ontology Population
[D07-1026]: Claudio Giuliano | Alfio Gliozzo

Pdf Export Search FBK-IRST: Kernel Methods for Semantic Relation Extraction
[S07-1028]: Claudio Giuliano | Alberto Lavelli | Daniele Pighin | Lorenza Romano

Pdf Export Search FBK-irst: Lexical Substitution Task Exploiting Domain and Syntagmatic Coherence
[S07-1029]: Claudio Giuliano | Alfio Gliozzo | Carlo Strapparava


Pdf Export Search Exploiting Shallow Linguistic Information for Relation Extraction from Biomedical Literature
[E06-1051]: Claudio Giuliano | Alberto Lavelli | Lorenza Romano

Pdf Export Search Simple Information Extraction (SIE): A Portable and Effective IE System
[W06-2202]: Claudio Giuliano | Alberto Lavelli | Lorenza Romano

Pdf Export Search Syntagmatic Kernels: a Word Sense Disambiguation Case Study
[W06-2608]: Claudio Giuliano | Alfio Gliozzo | Carlo Strapparava


Pdf Export Search Domain Kernels for Word Sense Disambiguation
[P05-1050]: Alfio Gliozzo | Claudio Giuliano | Carlo Strapparava