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Pdf Export Search Measuring sentence parallelism using Mahalanobis distances: The NRC unsupervised submissions to the WMT18 Parallel Corpus Filtering shared task
[W18-6480]: Patrick Littell | Samuel Larkin | Darlene Stewart | Michel Simard | Cyril Goutte | Chi-kiu Lo

Pdf Export Search Accurate semantic textual similarity for cleaning noisy parallel corpora using semantic machine translation evaluation metric: The NRC supervised submissions to the Parallel Corpus Filtering task
[W18-6481]: Chi-kiu Lo | Michel Simard | Darlene Stewart | Samuel Larkin | Cyril Goutte | Patrick Littell

Pdf Export Search Real-time Change Point Detection using On-line Topic Models
[C18-1212]: Yunli Wang | Cyril Goutte

Pdf Export Search EuroGames16: Evaluating Change Detection in Online Conversation
[L18-1277]: Cyril Goutte | Yunli Wang | FangMing Liao | Zachary Zanussi | Samuel Larkin | Yuri Grinberg


Pdf Export Search Detecting Changes in Twitter Streams using Temporal Clusters of Hashtags
[W17-2702]: Yunli Wang | Cyril Goutte

Pdf Export Search Exploring Optimal Voting in Native Language Identification
[W17-5041]: Cyril Goutte | Serge Léger


Pdf Export Search Advances in Ngram-based Discrimination of Similar Languages
[W16-4823]: Cyril Goutte | Serge Léger

Pdf Export Search Extracting Discriminative Keyphrases with Learned Semantic Hierarchies
[C16-1089]: Yunli Wang | Yong Jin | Xiaodan Zhu | Cyril Goutte

Pdf Export Search CNRC at SemEval-2016 Task 1: Experiments in Crosslingual Semantic Textual Similarity
[S16-1102]: Chi-kiu Lo | Cyril Goutte | Michel Simard


Pdf Export Search Experiments in Discriminating Similar Languages
[W15-5413]: Cyril Goutte | Serge Leger

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Description of Knowledge Components
[W15-0609]: Cyril Goutte | Guillaume Durand | Serge Leger


Pdf Export Search CNRC-TMT: Second Language Writing Assistant System Description
[S14-2030]: Cyril Goutte | Michel Simard | Marine Carpuat

Pdf Export Search Linear Mixture Models for Robust Machine Translation
[W14-3363]: Marine Carpuat | Cyril Goutte | George Foster

Pdf Export Search The NRC System for Discriminating Similar Languages
[W14-5316]: Cyril Goutte | Serge Léger | Marine Carpuat


Pdf Export Search Feature Space Selection and Combination for Native Language Identification
[W13-1712]: Cyril Goutte | Serge Léger | Marine Carpuat


Pdf Export Search Discriminative Instance Weighting for Domain Adaptation in Statistical Machine Translation
[D10-1044]: George Foster | Cyril Goutte | Roland Kuhn


Pdf Export Search Statistical Phrase-Based Post-Editing
[N07-1064]: Michel Simard | Cyril Goutte | Pierre Isabelle


Pdf Export Search Translating with Non-contiguous Phrases
[H05-1095]: Michel Simard | Nicola Cancedda | Bruno Cavestro | Marc Dymetman | Eric Gaussier | Cyril Goutte | Kenji Yamada | Philippe Langlais | Arne Mauser


Pdf Export Search Aligning words using matrix factorisation
[P04-1064]: Cyril Goutte | Kenji Yamada | Eric Gaussier

Pdf Export Search Confidence Estimation for Machine Translation
[C04-1046]: John Blatz | Erin Fitzgerald | George Foster | Simona Gandrabur | Cyril Goutte | Alex Kulesza | Alberto Sanchis | Nicola Ueffing


Pdf Export Search Reducing Parameter Space for Word Alignment
[W03-0305]: Herve Dejean | Eric Gaussier | Cyril Goutte | Kenji Yamada


Pdf Export Search Combining Labelled and Unlabelled Data: A Case Study on Fisher Kernels and Transductive Inference for Biological Entity Recognition
[W02-2011]: Cyril Goutte | Hervé Déjean | Eric Gaussier | Nicola Cancedda | Jean-Michel Renders