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Pdf Export Search How Could Veins Speed Up The Process Of Discourse Parsing
[L14-1571]: Elena Mitocariu | Daniel Anechitei | Dan Cristea


Pdf Export Search Harnessing NLP Techniques in the Processes of Multilingual Content Management
[E12-2002]: Anelia Belogay | Diman Karagyozov | Svetla Koeva | Cristina Vertan | Adam Przepiórkowski | Dan Cristea | Plovios Raxis

Pdf Export Search Reconstructing the Diachronic Morphology of Romanian from Dictionary Citations
[L12-1565]: Dan Cristea | Radu Simionescu | Gabriela Haja


Pdf Export Search Sentimatrix – Multilingual Sentiment Analysis Service
[W11-1725]: Alexandru-Lucian Ginsca | Emanuela Boros | Adrian Iftene | Diana Trandabat | Mihai Toader | Marius Corici | Cenel-Augusto Perez | Dan Cristea


Pdf Export Search How to Evaluate and Raise the Quality in a Collaborative Lexicographic Approach
[L08-1348]: Dan Cristea | Corina Forăscu | Marius Răschip | Michael Zock

Pdf Export Search Anaphora Resolution Exercise: an Overview
[L08-1363]: Constantin Orăsan | Dan Cristea | Ruslan Mitkov | António Branco


Pdf Export Search The Use of Referential Constraints in Structuring Discourse.
[L02-1149]: Violeta Seretan | Dan Cristea

Pdf Export Search AR-Engine - a framework for unrestricted co-reference resolution.
[L02-1205]: Dan Cristea | Oana-Diana Postolache | Gabriela-Eugenia Dima | Cătălina Barbu


Pdf Export Search An Empirical Investigation of the Relation Between Discourse Structure and Co-Reference
[C00-1031]: Dan Cristea | Nancy Ide | Daniel Marcu | Valentin Tablan

Pdf Export Search A Hierarchical Account of Referential Accessibility
[P00-1053]: Nancy Ide | Dan Cristea


Pdf Export Search Discourse Structure and Co-Reference: An Empirical Study
[W99-0106]: Dan Cristea | Nancy lde | Daniel Marcu | Valentin Tablan


Pdf Export Search Veins Theory: A Model of Global Discourse Cohesion and Coherence
[P98-1044]: Dan Cristea | Nancy Ide | Laurent Romary


Pdf Export Search Expectations in Incremental Discourse Processing
[E97-1012]: Dan Cristea | Bonnie Webber

Pdf Export Search Expectations in Incremental Discourse Processing
[P97-1012]: Dan Cristea | Bonnie Webber