Pdf Export Search A data-driven approach to verbal multiword expression detection. PARSEME Shared Task system description paper
[W17-1716]: Tiberiu Boroş | Sonia Pipa | Verginica Barbu Mititelu | Dan Tufiş

Pdf Export Search RACAI’s Natural Language Processing pipeline for Universal Dependencies
[K17-3018]: Stefan Daniel Dumitrescu | Tiberiu Boroş | Dan Tufiş


Pdf Export Search Wikipedia as an SMT Training Corpus
[R13-1091]: Dan Tufiş | Radu Ion | Stefan Dumitrescu | Dan Stefanescu


Pdf Export Search A Differential Semantics Approach to the Annotation of Synsets in WordNet
[L10-1090]: Dan Tufiş | Dan Ştefănescu


Pdf Export Search DIAC+: a Professional Diacritics Recovering System
[L08-1215]: Dan Tufiş | Alexandru Ceauşu

Pdf Export Search RACAI’s Linguistic Web Services
[L08-1404]: Dan Tufiş | Radu Ion | Alexandru Ceauşu | Dan Ştefănescu

Pdf Export Search A Hybrid Approach to Extracting and Classifying Verb+Noun Constructions
[L08-1448]: Amalia Todiraşcu | Dan Tufiş | Ulrich Heid | Christopher Gledhill | Dan Ştefanescu | Marion Weller | François Rousselot


Pdf Export Search RACAI: Meaning Affinity Models
[S07-1061]: Radu Ion | Dan Tufiş


Pdf Export Search Improved Lexical Alignment by Combining Multiple Reified Alignments
[E06-1020]: Dan Tufiş | Radu Ion | Alexandru Ceauşu | Dan Ştefănescu


Pdf Export Search An evaluation exercise for Romanian Word Sense Disambiguation
[W04-0808]: Rada Mihalcea | Vivi Năstase | Timothy Chklovski | Doina Tătar | Dan Tufiş | Florentina Hristea


Pdf Export Search TREQ-AL: A word alignment system with limited language resources
[W03-0308]: Dan Tufiş | Ana-Maria Barbu | Radu Ion


Pdf Export Search Lexical token alignment: experiments, results and applications.
[L02-1032]: Dan Tufiş | Ana-Maria Barbu


Pdf Export Search Using a Large Set of EAGLES-compliant Morpho-syntactic Descriptors as a Tagset for Probabilistic Tagging
[L00-1007]: Dan Tufiş

Pdf Export Search Principled Hidden Tagset Design for Tiered Tagging of Hungarian
[L00-1188]: Dan Tufiş | Péter Dienes | Csaba Oravecz | Tamás Váradi