Pdf Export Search Presentation LSTMs Can Learn Syntax-Sensitive Dependencies Well, But Modeling Structure Makes Them Better
[P18-1132]: Adhiguna Kuncoro | Chris Dyer | John Hale | Dani Yogatama | Stephen Clark | Phil Blunsom


Pdf Export Search Program Induction by Rationale Generation: Learning to Solve and Explain Algebraic Word Problems
[P17-1015]: Wang Ling | Dani Yogatama | Chris Dyer | Phil Blunsom


Pdf Export Search Extractive Summarization by Maximizing Semantic Volume
[D15-1228]: Dani Yogatama | Fei Liu | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Bayesian Optimization of Text Representations
[D15-1251]: Dani Yogatama | Lingpeng Kong | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Sparse Overcomplete Word Vector Representations
[P15-1144]: Manaal Faruqui | Yulia Tsvetkov | Dani Yogatama | Chris Dyer | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Embedding Methods for Fine Grained Entity Type Classification
[P15-2048]: Dani Yogatama | Daniel Gillick | Nevena Lazic


Pdf Export Search Linguistic Structured Sparsity in Text Categorization
[P14-1074]: Dani Yogatama | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Dynamic Language Models for Streaming Text
[Q14-1015]: Dani Yogatama | Chong Wang | Bryan R. Routledge | Noah A. Smith | Eric P. Xing


Pdf Export Search A Probabilistic Model for Canonicalizing Named Entity Mentions
[P12-1072]: Dani Yogatama | Yanchuan Sim | Noah A. Smith


Pdf Export Search Predicting a Scientific Community's Response to an Article
[D11-1055]: Dani Yogatama | Michael Heilman | Brendan O’Connor | Chris Dyer | Bryan R. Routledge | Noah A. Smith

Pdf Export Search Part-of-Speech Tagging for Twitter: Annotation, Features, and Experiments
[P11-2008]: Kevin Gimpel | Nathan Schneider | Brendan O'Connor | Dipanjan Das | Daniel Mills | Jacob Eisenstein | Michael Heilman | Dani Yogatama | Jeffrey Flanigan | Noah A. Smith


Pdf Export Search Multilingual Spectral Clustering Using Document Similarity Propagation
[D09-1091]: Dani Yogatama | Kumiko Tanaka-Ishii