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Pdf Export Search User-Level Race and Ethnicity Predictors from Twitter Text
[C18-1130]: Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Lyle Ungar

Pdf Export Search Expressively vulgar: The socio-dynamics of vulgarity and its effects on sentiment analysis in social media
[C18-1248]: Isabel Cachola | Eric Holgate | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Junyi Jessy Li

Pdf Export Search Attachment The Remarkable Benefit of User-Level Aggregation for Lexical-based Population-Level Predictions
[D18-1148]: Salvatore Giorgi | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Anneke Buffone | Daniel Rieman | Lyle Ungar | H. Andrew Schwartz

Pdf Export Search Attachment Why Swear? Analyzing and Inferring the Intentions of Vulgar Expressions
[D18-1471]: Eric Holgate | Isabel Cachola | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Junyi Jessy Li


Pdf Export Search Presentation Personality Driven Differences in Paraphrase Preference
[W17-2903]: Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Jordan Carpenter | Lyle Ungar

Pdf Export Search Poster Controlling Human Perception of Basic User Traits
[D17-1248]: Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Sharath Chandra Guntuku | Lyle Ungar

Pdf Export Search Presentation Beyond Binary Labels: Political Ideology Prediction of Twitter Users
[P17-1068]: Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Ye Liu | Daniel Hopkins | Lyle Ungar

Pdf Export Search Predicting Emotional Word Ratings using Distributional Representations and Signed Clustering
[E17-2090]: Joao Sedoc | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Lyle Ungar


Pdf Export Search Modelling Valence and Arousal in Facebook posts
[W16-0404]: Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | H. Andrew Schwartz | Gregory Park | Johannes Eichstaedt | Margaret Kern | Lyle Ungar | Elisabeth Shulman

Pdf Export Search Analyzing Biases in Human Perception of User Age and Gender from Text
[P16-1080]: Lucie Flekova | Jordan Carpenter | Salvatore Giorgi | Lyle Ungar | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro

Pdf Export Search Exploring Stylistic Variation with Age and Income on Twitter
[P16-2051]: Lucie Flekova | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Lyle Ungar


Pdf Export Search The role of personality, age, and gender in tweeting about mental illness
[W15-1203]: Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Johannes Eichstaedt | Gregory Park | Maarten Sap | Laura Smith | Victoria Tobolsky | H. Andrew Schwartz | Lyle Ungar

Pdf Export Search Mental Illness Detection at the World Well-Being Project for the CLPsych 2015 Shared Task
[W15-1205]: Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Maarten Sap | H. Andrew Schwartz | Lyle Ungar

Pdf Export Search Analysing domain suitability of a sentiment lexicon by identifying distributionally bipolar words
[W15-2911]: Lucie Flekova | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Eugen Ruppert

Pdf Export Search An analysis of the user occupational class through Twitter content
[P15-1169]: Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Vasileios Lampos | Nikolaos Aletras


Pdf Export Search Predicting and Characterising User Impact on Twitter
[E14-1043]: Vasileios Lampos | Nikolaos Aletras | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Trevor Cohn

Pdf Export Search Extracting Socioeconomic Patterns from the News: Modelling Text and Outlet Importance Jointly
[W14-2507]: Vasileios Lampos | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Sina Samangooei | Douwe Gelling | Trevor Cohn


Pdf Export Search A temporal model of text periodicities using Gaussian Processes
[D13-1100]: Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Trevor Cohn

Pdf Export Search A user-centric model of voting intention from Social Media
[P13-1098]: Vasileios Lampos | Daniel Preoţiuc-Pietro | Trevor Cohn